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What you’re doing wrong with your facebook business page

Think that your facebook business page doesn't matter?
At your own peril.

Business has changed a great deal. Brick and mortar stores are giving way to online stores that have more choices than you can imagine. Also changing is the way to get people into these stores and actually buying the product. Instead of blasting everyone with a spate of TV advertisements, you now have social media to instead get them involved.

And this is where Facebook comes in.

facebook business page

What you can do now to get your brand out there, whether you’re a small business or a large business, is pretty unprecedented. You’re no longer just showing people what you have but you’re trying to involve them in a dialogue. You’re adding value to your brand and your amping up the chances of your success.

But how can one do all of that? Through your facebook business page of course! 

It isn’t just a tool but a secret sauce, that can set your business apart from anybody and everybody else. But, you need to know what is right for you. If you’ve been using a facebook business page and not getting any results, then you’re definitely doing something wrong.

Here's what you're doing wrong.

facebook business page

You’ve boosted your page too much, too soon. 

We all absolutely love getting more and more likes and views on our facebook business page but getting all of those solely through boosting will mean that you’re getting more SPAM than anything. Instead, split up your boosting strategy through some weeks or even a month and take it slow.

You’re only carrying out promotions. 

The era of one-way advertising has pretty much come to an end. Now, what people want is to really know your business and see something different rather than a constant ‘BUY NOW’. Moreover, you’re wasting potential if you’re only carrying out promotions on your page.

You aren’t getting the right audience. 

Tailor-make and customise your content specifically for your audience because that’s the only way they’ll connect with what you’re saying. Get on the right facebook groups and promote your business, the connections you get from there can be amazing!

You don’t know what Response Management is. 

Social Media for a brand is an instrumental tool for response and post-purchase management. You follow up with a buyer or keep a tab on the comments or messages that you get. Make your customer feel truly loved and valued.

You’re not integrating other social media. 

Really take advantage of that social media presence and bring everything from instagram, snapchat, Linkedin, patreon etc. together, but in a way that is right for your brand. For example, a fashion based page should also branch out to instagram while short-time promotional offers are a real hit on snapchat.

You don’t respect the power of the online presence. 

If a customer has shared a post about having a difficult experience with you on Facebook, then you’ve not only lost him/her forever but also other customers. If you feel that one post doesn’t make a difference, then you haven’t felt the wrath of the internet yet. Because what can take you up towards the stars can also bring you crashing straight down to earth.

The social media experience is something where you can only gain by being involved. But starting off on the right note and having a few tips to get you back on track always helps!

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