Top 7 facts you don’t know about Patreon

If you follow popular YouTubers, then you've definitely heard about Patreon.


But what is this mysterious website/social media platform and why do your favourite YouTubers keep asking you to support them on Patreon?

You’ve probably had this doubt more than once and now is the time to finally have it answered! The world of creativity and crowd-funding is one of the fastest developing sectors around and more and more artists, musicians, performers, story-tellers etc., are creating amazing content. But not all of them have had the spotlight or a chance to shine like they actually deserve to.

This is where Patreon comes in. 

So, let’s go and discover everything you didn’t know about your favourite YouTubers’ favourite website!

Fact 1: 

Patreon is a crowd-funding website, co-created by popular YouTuber Jack Conte, in 2013. His sole aim was to provide a platform for those who regularly create content to earn through their ‘Patrons’ or subscribers.

Fact 2: 

As of January 2016, Patreon has raised an astounding $ 47.1 million as investment from various angel investors.

Fact 3: 

Patrons donate over $1,000,000 per month to Patreon’s content creators! Now that’s a rewarding platform for talented artists!

Fact 4: 

How can you tell that Patreon is really taking off? Well, it had an an amazing 11,356 new content creator members in May 2016 alone!

Fact 5: 

In May 2013, there were around 13 creators making at least $100 per month. Jump forward to May 2016 and that number has skyrocketed to a jaw-dropping 7,960! Will you be joining the website soon as well?

Fact 6: 

Patreon isn’t just for the upcoming artists and musicians but also established ones as well! Multi-instrumentalist and lead singer of Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra, Amanda Palmer is a prominent member of Patreon along with artists like Johnathan Rosenberg, Paul Taylor etc.

Fact 7: 

The final and most important proof that Patreon is helping content creators is this number: in May 2016, a total payment of approximately $6.1 million was made to all the creators on the website. Isn’t that amazing?


As we go forward, original content is just going to get more valuable because of the current content saturation and duplication. People who are putting their heart and soul into something that they love should definitely be rewarded for that by not only having it reach millions of people but actually making some kind of living off their original content.

Patreon is leading that very wave. If you feel that original content is something that you can offer or if you are a lover of such content then you should definitely head on over here:

It’s the little difference that you make, that makes a different world.

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