5 ways you don’t know you’re annoying your better half


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I mean, how can someone tell what their better half is thinking all the time?

You just can’t and so, at times, you end up disappointing your partner and they definitely let you know. These situations are resolved in the end and the two of you become stronger in the process. These situations probably happen every other day and you grow because of them and because of the communication between the two of you.

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At times, you better half ends up keeping things inside, hoping that you will learn. They become colder and colder as you don’t and you either spend each minute in fear of a fight or blissfully ignorant of the storm that’s coming your way.

Well, this post should shed some light on all those things that annoy your partner, without you knowing about it! Once you understand this, you can actually do what said was difficult at the beginning of this blog – read their mind. Or at least look like you’re doing that anyway!

So, here are the top 7 ways you don’t know you’re annoying your better half. Prepare to be surprised!

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1) You don’t listen.

This is a big one! Why? Because you think that you do listen. But being able to repeat back whatever was said only works in the movies. In real life though, you need to listen to his/her problems and help them discover a solution. Otherwise just be that shoulder to cry on they need you to be. And never belittle their problems.

2) You phub them.

No matter what the situation, there just isn’t any excuse for staring at a screen while your partner is talking to you. The rage felt during this time will one day spill over in a firestorm of shouting. So… best to avoid that. However, if you must do it, try excusing yourself for a minute to at least show them you care.

3) You’ve forgotten the little things.

Before you get your man/woman, it’s all about the little surprises to woo them. Getting he roses, buying him a game, helping her cook or doing housefly chores with him. Now, it’s just become a cycle of under appreciation with the two of you taking each other for granted. Just.. Don’t! The little things made them happy, that should make you happy!

4) You insult/belittle the people they love.

You’ve joked about their friend circle once, twice, thrice and they haven’t said a word. But they absolutely hate that you’re taking advantage of their silence. Sometimes, you may not be able to understand the relationship your better half has with someone, so don’t belittle it. Be supportive!

5) You take joy in contradicting them.

Let’s not kid ourselves, we all love a good I told you so. But do you really want to do that all the time to the person you love? You could actually be hurting them in ways that just can’t be fixed. Don’t be that person. Instead, learn from each other and grow. THAT is a healthy relationship!

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Be the person that your better half deserves. The person you always wanted to be! Most times, it is the things that aren’t said aloud that make the biggest difference.

Now that you know you were annoying or upsetting him/her without even knowing, it’s time to put things right! One little thing at a time!

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