odd jobs

Top 6 unusual and odd jobs that are awesome!

odd jobs

We’ve come a long way from the days when you could only either work in a factory, be a doctor, be an engineer or work with the Government. That’s a pretty limited scope to fit your entire life into! What if you didn’t want to be any of those things?

We’re in a world now where you can definitely make that choice!

More and more each day we learn about interesting careers and odd jobs that we wouldn’t have even thought of before and they open our eyes to the extent of what is possible. The main goal we set for ourselves today is to be happy. We need to find that amazing workplace which lets us be what we really want to be.

The tide has turned now and there are actually more amazing and odd jobs around than we can keep up with!

Well you may not realise it now but you may not have even heard of the career that’s perfect for you yet! With so many options out there, there’s absolutely no need for a compromise! So, read on and you may just discover a new career path among these awesome odd jobs.

1. Sommelier

If you’re a lover of wine then this is perfect for you! A Sommelier usually works at an upscale restaurant and is always the go-to person when you’re confused about wine pairings or have a complex question. But not just that, it’s also a part of the Sommelier’s job description to travel to exotic vineyards and pick out the best wine flavours.

2. Ice Cream Taster

Everyone loves to eat ice cream but turns out that an ice cream taster actually earns around $56,000 a year! Who knew that you could have such a delicious job? All you need is a refined palate and an understanding of what the people will love. Ice cream tasters are employed all over the world by large companies who want to capture this huge market.

3. Body Part Model

We all have our perfections and if you feel that your hands are like no one else’s or that your eyes truly mesmerise, then this is the job for you! Earn up to $1000 per afternoon as you let companies advertise their products through you. There you go, you definitely will be famous with this!

4. Professional Bridesmaids

Helping brides in their hour of need to ensure that the happiest day of their lives is just that, a professional bridesmaid actually has a very important job. You need to be a friend, a guide, a decision maker and a nurturer. It is a job that isn’t just rewarding monetarily but also emotionally.

5. Netflix Tagger

Wish that staying at home and binge-watching your favourite Netflix shows was a real job? Well, it actually is! Netflix hires ‘taggers’ or people who watch these shows and give them appropriate tags like comedy, romance, action thriller etc. These tags then become the “because you watched____” or the “you might also be interested in____” sections.

Now isn’t that an awesome job?

6. Pet Food Taster

An pet’s diet is just as important as the owner’s, if not more! If you’ve got a thing for pets and you understand what they like or hate to eat, then you could try being a pet food taster.

Well, we did say unusual and odd jobs, didn’t we?

Now.... what will you choose?

odd jobs

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