To multitask or not to multitask, that is the question

The era of skill specialization is upon us

The age of multiple skills has dawned

Now, you probably believe and agree with only one of the above two statements. We see ourselves as fitting in to one of these two moulds; either the best at the one thing we do, or possessing the ability to multitask and handle multiple varied projects. If you look at it from a commercial or work point of view, then different companies usually desire different skills so you end up having to become what they want you to be.

However, with this post, let’s try to understand what YOU want to be.

So, let’s start with those you come under ‘To Multitask’. First of all, it’s not a term to be taken lightly at all. When you take on more than one project in hand, you’re making a promise that the quality of work will not suffer as a result. Why would you do this though? Well, maybe because just handling one assignment doesn’t hold your attention that well. Perhaps you need more of a challenge.

That’s definitely alright, if you feel you can take it, then why not?


There’re some things we need to remember however. With one thing at hand, there are no worries about dividing your time and ensuring no part of your work is suffering. You have one race to run and you’ve got to do it with all your vigour. But to multitask, you’ve got to make friends with time or more accurately, a constant lack of it. As you progress, try to discover ways of making best use of the hours you have. Get up a little earlier, dilly dally a little lesser and be a bit more efficient with your work.

So, why would one multitask anyway? Aren’t you choosing to make your life that much more difficult and risking to take on more than you can chew? But what if you can be that human Swiss army knife? Imagine, people coming to you for advice on a number of subjects, only because you’ve had prior experience in all of them.

But probably the biggest reason of all, when you’re out there doing as many projects as you can and taking in as much of the world as you can, you may just discover that one thing that makes you more happy than anything else!

Like mentioned before, it obviously isn’t going to be easy.

You’ll need to make to do lists, a time table, sacrifice some free time and maybe even discover your limits the hard way. But the pay off is pretty impressive. Those who multitask not only earn more in terms of finance but also in terms of work and life experience. So, I’d say there’s a pretty solid case ‘To Multitask’.

‘Not Multitask’ also has its advantages, it must be said. Especially if specializing in one aspect gives you great joy. Handling more than one assignment does demand that you prize away your absolute attention from any given one thing. If that isn’t acceptable to you, then fair enough, it isn’t for you. If you like concentrating on one thing and boredom doesn’t even cross your mind, then specialization is the way to go!


The main fact of the matter is understanding that there is a choice. Rather than specialization or multitasking, this is the era of realizing that very idea. You can choose to be whatever you want. This is why YOU must answer, ‘To Multitask or Not To Multitask.’

Good luck!

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