The Top 10 Twitter facts you don’t know


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Facebook is for keeping in touch and getting news about your friends, instagram is to capture your favourite moments and share them, snapchat is to give a glimpse into your life, YouTube is the home of the best video content… and then there’s Twitter.

Probably the most different of all social media, Twitter serves a very different purpose. It is a place where regular people can become celebrities very easily and where celebrities are very active. You have a limited number of characters to use and so you’ve got to be smart about every tweet. It is probably the most ‘real time’ of all social media with brands and sports based accounts tweeting almost minute-by-minute information when necessary.

Twitter is a wonderful place to expand your horizons and learn about the world from real people! So, here are the top 10 twitter facts that you didn’t know.

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1) So many Tweets, so little time:

Don’t feel that too many people are on Twitter? Well, did you know that over 350,000 tweets are sent every minute? This comes up to nearly 500 million tweets a day! Now that is amazing!

2) First!

The first ever tweet was “Just setting up my twttr.” and was sent by Co-founder Jack Dorsey. You can still look it up, it now has over 50,000 retweets!

3) Most followed?

Katy Perry’s is the most followed account on twitter with 67 million followers! Now, that gives you goals, doesn’t it?

4) Who’s that bird?

The little blue bird you see everywhere there is a mention of Twitter, actually has a name. And it’s simply Larry! Yes, Larry Bird. Why so? Well, it’s actually named so by Co-founder Biz Stone after the Boston Celtics baseball star, Larry Bird just because Stone hails from Massachusetts.

5) What’s in a name?

Here’s a weird one from the twitter facts vault! Before Twitter was called ‘Twitter’, it was actually named ‘Friendstalker’. So, instead of tweeting at your peers, you’d be stalking them? Other names were ‘Twitch’ and ‘Jitter’. Glad that changed!

6) Your tweet is history

… if you’re American that is! Why? Because the Library of Congress archives every tweet that an American sends.

7) The Holy Tweet

Scared of eternal damnation? Twitter can help you out! According to the Vatican, if you follow the Pope on Twitter, you can actually reduce the time you spend in purgatory.

8) Twitter changes your life

It really does! From making you a celebrity to… getting you a new home?! That’s right, because Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan President awarded his 3,000,000th twitter follower a new home! That was a 19 year old girl who’s life changed completely.

9) A new addiction?

According to a recent study, Twitter is actually more addictive that alcohol and cigarettes! Have you been bitten by the bird too?

10) Finally, why the 140 characters?

Simple! The initial idea was to make it a mobile phone based SMS service. These kind of messages are restricted to 140 characters. Even though the idea changed, the character number stuck!

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