The reason why life is difficult (you’ll never guess!)


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Don’t worry, we’ll get to the reason soon enough! But first, let’s see if you can identify with this situation. How often have you wondered, “Why can’t my life be as easy as that person or this person? Why is everything so hard and I have to fight for every morsel? Maybe life is difficult because it’s meant to be.”

How about these; “I can’t a good house straight away, I’ll have to compromise in the beginning.” “I can’t get the position I want at work because I haven’t worked my way up the ladder.” “I can’t get the life partner I want, they’re out of my league.”

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Well, if you don’t see it yet, then it’s YOU who’s made life difficult for yourself. How? Simply by believing so! And by believing there’s no other way, you’ve manifested what you think is your truth. This is the biggest reason that each of us face so many hardships in life, because we’ve grown up on notions that after the difficult part comes the good part.

There’s a belief that we HAVE to slog through difficulties in the initial years to get to the good parts. Do you really have to? Ofcourse not! If you can find a way to make things work out for you in a quicker, easier way, then there’s nothing like it!

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No, not because it is compulsory to face the ‘life is difficult’ bit but because you think that it is compulsory. That’s something that has usually stayed with us through our formative years. We hear stories of our grandparents going through it, our parents have too gone through it, so we’ll probably follow in their footsteps.

Look at this a little deeper and you’ll find that there’s another reason with following others into the daily grind. It’s a relief when you know that THIS is the way life is supposed to be, you need to go through the motions. And so, no one dares to step away from this rat race and run in the other direction! Why would you anyway? That’ll just be adding pressure of actually giving direction to your own life and making your own path. Scary thought, isn’t it?

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Firstly, STOP! Pause for a second here and think about which side of the fence you’re on. Are you ok to accept that regardless of everything you’ve read, life is difficult for a reason? It’ll build character, help you separate the good moments from the bad and so on and so forth. Well then, atleast you’re accepting this consciously. That’s still some growth that you’ve shown so do pat yourselves on the back!

However, if you don’t want your lifespan to be a slog through muddy waters, then the work starts now. Change your mindset and the change in you will begin. Yes, the manifestations of your thoughts will be gradual and you may feel disheartened at times. But hang in there, you’ve made a brave choice.

You chosen to enjoy your life and celebrate each day. And you won’t have to wait too long now!



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