The reason 90s kids had more fun


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The world moves really fast and the one thing that’s noticeable is that it only speeds up as time goes on. Yes, a day still lasts 24 hours but what these hours mean has changed so much in the past two decades.

We now live in a world where a fad is born one second and gone the other, where fun is defined by the technology around us and entertainment is more accessible yet more saturated than ever before. Without a doubt, being spoilt for choice is as much a bane as it is a boon. But can you separate the two?

Well, now you can’t but 90s kids definitely could!

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We have the ‘now’ which is inundated in technology, choices and extreme emotions and you have the long ago or the ’70s’ and ’80s’ when the world was unrecognisable and a colour TV was the most high-tech thing going around.

Between these two eras lie the 90s kids, a time when technology was present but hadn’t yet exploded, the world was opening its eyes to globalisation and the outdoors still held that unquantifiable wonder. It’s the kind of thing that movies are made of right now, calling back to when things were easier and more inclusive. 

You might read this and scoff at all the 90s kids you know, your older siblings, seniors in school, people in the storefront just beginning their first job but it’s undeniable that the world had a sense of charm back then that it just seems to have lost.

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  • The fact the there were gameboys, desktop computers, chatrooms and cellphones meant that they experienced technology, not taking its baby steps, but growing into something more.
  • Yet, there was a passion for the outdoors, for sports and no fear of the sun or a little dirt. You felt entertained both at home in your room and outside where your friends waited for you in a skatepark, a field or a jam room.
  • There was nothing more daunting or more rewarding than taking to the girl/boy you liked in person or meeting classmates who loved the same stuff you did. Life would never be the same!
  • The golden age of brick and mortar stores, where you had to go in to rent movies, discover new albums, make a road trip out of going to the nearest arcade or watching a movie without the advent of the spoiler-filled internet.
  • 90s kids experienced a time that was a lot less cynical and a lot more optimistic. TV show leads were funny and clumsy rather than cold and cynical and charm meant to make people laugh rather than subtly insulting them.
  • It was a much less commercialised world, with bottom lines and sales not having taken over the world. Family time mattered so much more!
  • Finally, something that’s been spoken about a lot, the cartoons for kids were just so much better! From the Looney Toons, to Tom and Jerry, Dexter’s Laboratory and more, kids had a lot more fun!

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Now, while some of these things are subjective, you can’t help but wonder how your life would’ve been if you were a 90s kid. Maybe, a wrong text message wouldn’t be the end of all life or slow internet the end of the universe.

Maybe it would be cool to be charming and clumsy and just maybe… we’d have a lot more fun.

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