The end of made for each other couples?


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That feeling that you absolutely belong with this other person and the pieces fit perfectly, just like a puzzle. There can’t be a more comforting than knowing that from that point onwards, you don’t ever have to be alone. Someone is there who understands you and will stand by you, no matter what.

The fact that you really are made for each other. 

But today, is this notion anything more than a fairytale? Do we even have the time for these fantastical thoughts?

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Ideas like love that is made for each other don’t seem to find the fancy of a world that is solely focused on getting ahead and getting that promotion. We have men who have to work harder and longer than ever to be one of the breadwinners of their family. On the other hand, we also have women who are still fighting an uphill battle to be counted as equals.

There is so much rivalry that has been created between the sexes that feelings and emotions seem to have taken the backseat.

But most of all, we say that we just don’t have the time any more. Everything needs to happen right now, fast and furious without any waiting time. But something like love takes time to mature, time for you to discover one another in the real sense. The secret is that people discover that they are made for each other. They allow themselves to do that.

Sometimes it comes off and sometimes it doesn’t. The failures sometimes really scare and that becomes another deterrent to going and putting yourself out there. And if you have a couple of these failures (which at times is bound to happen) then the belief in beautiful things like happiness, love and the made for each other notion completely go out of the window.

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It is indeed true that the world has become a harder, grittier and may be more scary place to live in but that doesn’t have to be the only world we see. There is another side to life that comes into focus once we slow things down and just take a breath. That is when you rediscover the beauty in the world.

This doesn’t mean that there’ll be violins in the air or birds chirping at just the right moments. However, it does mean that things will seem a little better than normal and you may just wake up with a smile on your face!

Where does the whole made for each other thing come in here? Well, what this notion is really supposed to do is inspire hope! Inspire love! Inspire courage! and inspire faith that there’s a bit of magic in the world. That’s exactly how you feel when you find that special someone you want to be with. All the best feelings in the world are interconnected and they all are still there! 

They will remain there as long as you believe and they disappear as soon as you stop. Give love some time and give it a chance and then you’ll see that there’s a whole different world out there!

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