brexit poll

The Brexit Poll: What were we thinking?

Pretty much nothing, at least that's what the aftermath shows.

brexit poll

If the major search terms in Britain, after Brexit Poll were, “What does it mean to leave the EU?” and “What is the EU?”, then we can easily state that something has gone horribly wrong. The other shocking statistic said that a majority of those who voted to leave the EU, i.e. 65+ aged individuals will be living with the repercussions of the decision for the least time.

On the other hand, the younger population, a majority of whom voted to remain, now face an incredibly uncertain future. The Pound is now the lowest its been for over three decades and the Prime Minister, who’s incompetence started this mess in the first place, might make way for an even more incompetent Prime Minister who will be facing the full wrath of a shocked and flustered EU.

Immigrants on both sides have no clue what will happen post the Brexit Poll and Britain is in for a very rough few years.

Meanwhile, all the common people can think is, “What the heck just happened and why do I feel so scared?”

You could be worried if you're one of the people who've googled these terms.

brexit poll

The last time something unprecedented like this happened was way back in 1985 when Greenland decided to leave the ECC, the EU’s predecessor. That departure was more amicable and a special treaty was worked out for Greenland to still enjoy some trade benefits.

Undoubtedly though, this time things will be very different. With the EU scared of more withdrawals from other nations, they’ll probably make life incredibly difficult for Britain.

But it’ll be the common people suffering the most, wondering why didn’t they know that the Brexit Poll would be so important.

Because it was.

But we were swayed by false promises and big words. Like we have been so many times before.

brexit poll

A bus claiming that € 350 million was sent to the EU every week and that we should be spending it on National Health programs instead and two comical men bellowing something about Britain’s “Independence Day(?)” were enough to fool a nation.

Fast forward to the day after the Brexit Poll and every Pro-Leave advocate is suddenly mincing words. They can’t promise to spend €350 million on national healthcare and can’t truly answer why the Pound is in free fall.

And so, there’s only one truth left. 

To ask, “What were we thinking?”

Freedom to make decisions is a right that should be given to all but then it becomes our responsibility to use it well. Otherwise, the politicians and big personalities will disappear back into the shadows and we’ll be left wondering and worried for ourselves and our children.

To think that this decision won’t affect you, whether you’re part of the United Kingdom or not, would be incredibly naive. The world is more interconnected than we think and now is definitely a time to open our eyes and look at the things that matter in a new light. Our future depends on that.

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