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Snapchat Story: Top 7 facts that you didn’t know

Do you Snapchat?

If the answer is yes, then you’re a part of a crowd that’s 100 million strong! You can add that to your snapchat story, eh?

It’s no question that we’ve been in the Digital Age for quite a while now. Our TVs are being replaced by laptops, laptops with tablets, ever evolving cellphones that seemed so distant even a decade ago, we get our news online and our most defining footprints are now online. 

A company tends to check your social media footprint as much as your CV before hiring you. Influential individuals like journalists and politicians have to be extremely vigilant with what goes online. Social media is where first opinions are now formed. We’re about to take a look at one of the most recently popular social media.

While Instagram remains the most widely used visual social media outlet for now, a new app is quickly catching on. This is of course, Snapchat. 

snapchat story

Created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown while still at Stanford University, with the core idea always being temporary photos. Even after a less than initial warm response from their, they carried on with their passion project and today the Snapchat story isn’t just a function on the app but also a story of success.

So, with so many features like Messaging, Photo stories, Geofilters, Lens, Snapcodes and Discover, Snapchat has come a long way. Disappearing photos have become the norm, everybody has a snapchat story and videos are easier to share then ever!

It’s the perfect time for the Top 10 Snapchat facts that you didn’t know! Read on…

1. Snapchat was first called Picaboo

And it was initially launched on the Apple App Store in July 2011. A year later, it was rebranded and launched on the Google play store as snapchat.

2. Why disappearing photos?

Founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy said that they first thought of the idea when they witnessed a friend’s distress at sending a bad picture. This gave them the idea of creating a social media platform that is the opposite to what we see, something without the longevity of social media.

It was made, “not for the traditional Kodak moment. It’s about communicating with the full range of human emotion—not just what appears to be pretty or perfect.” – Evan Spiegel

3. Snapchat has a mascot

In the development stage and even just before the app was launched, the team put its user experience and functionality much before any marketing efforts whatsoever. With one exception.

Their mascot, ‘Ghostface Chillah’, who you now see on the logo was conceived by Reggie Brown, very early in the development stage. It was named after Ghostface Killah of the hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan.

4. The venture meets a Venture Capitalist

Every big idea needs a bigger break! The Snapchat team got theirs when a Venture Capitalist gave them seed funding of $485,000 in 2012. Why?

One of their partners found out that the three most famous apps in his daughter’s classroom were Instagram, Angry Birds and Snapchat. Since then, Snapchat has raised an amazing $143 million in funds.

5. Snapchat Story

The snapchat story feature was launched in October 2013 and to allow users to create a timeline of events. But this only lasts for 24 hours and gets reset for the next day, so you can always start fresh!

6. Ever heard of Snapchat Kidz?

That’s right, there’s a snapchat app for kids under the age of 13. With it, they could take snaps, draw, colour, caption and save the images locally. But they can’t add friends or send the images to anyone.

7. Some Amazing Numbers

Here are some astonishing numbers:

  • There are around 9000 snaps shared on snapchat every second. 
  • 70% of snapchat users are women.
  • The number of snapchat’s daily video views amounts to 10 Billion.
  • There are nearly 60 million monthly visitors to Snapchat Discover.
  • Approximately 71% of Snapchat users are under 34 years old.
  • Finally, the number of snaps per day are usually around 400 million. 

Now, it's time for you to get started!

Applications like snapchat are showing the way to a future where every good idea gets the value it deserves. All you need to do is find a problem and discover the best way to solve it. Easier said than done for sure, but it definitely is a rewarding journey!

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