simulation theory

The simulation theory and why it’s so important

If Elon Musk keeps talking about something, then you can guess that it is important.

Elon Musk on the simulation theory

When do we begin separating science fiction from our reality? As we hurtle towards an ever tech-based future, we come face to face with concepts that we’d only seen in movies. A.I or sentient artificial intelligence? With the Supercomputers at Harvard, NASA et all, it isn’t as distant a future as you may think. But we aren’t going to discuss whether robots will be taking over the world (maybe later!). Instead, another so-called science fiction concept that Elon Musk raised in an interview and Matt Damon mentioned during an MIT Graduation Speech.

Something that was made an immortal part of pop-culture at the turn of the twenty-first century by The Matrix.

The Simulation Theory or a concept that says we’re all actually a part of a simulated reality. That everything that happens to us is a part of a “game” and we’re merely players.

simulation theory

Could we really be living in a version on The Sims?

simulation theory

Many scientists, theorists, mathematicians and influential figures like Elon Musk have spoken aloud about this phenomenon and even published papers on why the simulation theory could be true. While nothing can be proven yet, these reasons do get you thinking. Just take a look!

  • As Musk states in the video above, we’re heading to a time when games may be indistinguishable from reality. So, what’s to say that someone already hasn’t beaten us to it?
  • Maths. It works in binary and gives us the ability to quantify everything around us including Humans. So, if we can figure out the code, then perhaps it can be written too?
  • The Anthropic Principle asks a simple question, why is there life on Earth? How are the conditions so perfect? Well, maybe they were made to be.
  • Another popular concept the Fermi Paradox can be befuddling if you think about about. How is it that we are the only living beings in the universe? Isn’t there anyone more advanced to carry out space travel? “Where is everyone?”
  • Finally, the most spine-tingling of all is the question of our Creator. Why do so many people believe there is one? Maybe it isn’t God but a post-now human, who is merely writing code, writing memories, habits and characteristics. Scary, isn’t it?

Simulation Theory can put you in knots, for sure!

All we have is the belief in our reality, the foundation on which we’re standing. It is unnerving to think that it would be taken away from us with the blink of an eye. Just seems impossible, doesn’t it?

But let’s not turn a blind eye to simulation theory. Atleast it is a why for us to learn something new, exercise our minds and just imagine possibilities!

Maybe the Matrix movies opened your mind to the science behind our reality and you’ve found something that you’re really passionate about! The simulation theory is an endless puzzle that could really use your energy.

You could be one of those who believe in questioning things and taking them to their logical conclusions. Science is a step by step process that leads to progress and this process definitely needs you!

You could be one of those who keep searching for a little bit of fantasy or magic in the world, something that really makes you go ‘woah!’ The simulation theory says you keep on with that work and you may just find what you’re looking for!

Finally, as Matt Damon said in his speech to MIT Graduates, maybe it doesn’t matter whether the world is real or not. It’s all we’ve got and it’s a world that is facing many, many problems. What we really need to do is buckle down and start making a difference. The least we can do is make our reality, a better place to live in.

Now that’s something to wake up to!

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