Shocking controversies from the Rio Olympics


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The Olympics are the premier sports and athletics event in the world. The best of the best will compete in the Rio Olympics to bring honour to their countries and win as many Olympic golds as possible.

But such a high profile event will always invite controversy.

So many things need to go right so that a flawless event can be pulled off… and that doesn’t usually happen. Even before the Rio Olympics have gotten off the ground, there have been issues that’ve propped up in the media. While the Rio Olympics should still be a fairly successful event, it’s still important to know what’s been going on.

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Now, whether you’ve heard about it in passing on the news or have watched this hilarious John Oliver explanation video, you probably somewhat know about the Russian doping scandal. But did you know that it has extended as further up as the Russian government providing facilities to conduct this illegal act?

Now, just a week before the Rio Olympics, the entire Russian Weightlifting contingent has been handed a blanket ban. Not just that, the individual federations, i.e, golf, boxing, taekwondo, gymnastics etc. will announce their decision as well.

Chances are that we may not see a single athlete from Russia this year! 

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With South Sudan competing in their first ever Olympics, it was supposed to be a momentous occasion. However, it’s been marred by a sudden controversy as Mangar Makur Chuot, a refugee who rose through the ranks to get selected in the South Sudan team, was sent an email saying that he was no longer selected.

This was just 8 days before the beginning of the games. No reason was given but Mangar’s coach believes that it is due to corruption in the selection committee as lesser athletes are now going to the Rio Olympics.

The inspiring story of refugee to champion will sadly no longer play out.

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The Australian Team Chef de Mission, Kitty Chiller publicly announced that the Olympic Village with poor facilities like leaking pipes, blocked toilets, improper lighting, exposed wires haven’t been deemed fit for the Australian team and that they would take a call later on after (1) a Plumbing Stress Test (2) A Fire Test.

The Olympic Village is supposed to be the grand home of medal winners and champions but this definitely goes against that grain.

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Last minute scrambles are a part of the game but you would hope that at the very least that the stadiums and venues would be ready to go, a week before the Rio Olympics begin. But sadly, latest pictures have shown that these are still under construction with transport links and roads not yet complete.

With over 10,000 athletes already flying in, it’s crunch time now to ensure the event’s success. Workers have been going overtime and overnight to get the job done. But the question arises,”why did it take so very long for this urgency to set it?”

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Undoubtedly, the Olympics are an incredibly important event and we need it to succeed because they inspire greatness and hope. But with so many controversies, the importance of this grand event can get lost.

And that would be the real tragedy.

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