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made for each other

The end of made for each other couples?

Who doesn't want to experience true love?

That feeling that you absolutely belong with this other person and the pieces fit perfectly, just like a puzzle. There can’t be a more comforting than knowing that from that point onwards, you don’t ever have to be alone. Someone is there who understands you and will stand by you, no matter what.

The fact that you really are made for each other. 

But today, is this notion anything more than a fairytale? Do we even have the time for these fantastical thoughts?

It sadly doesn't seem like it.

made for each other

Ideas like love that is made for each other don’t seem to find the fancy of a world that is solely focused on getting ahead and getting that promotion. We have men who have to work harder and longer than ever to be one of the breadwinners of their family. On the other hand, we also have women who are still fighting an uphill battle to be counted as equals.

There is so much rivalry that has been created between the sexes that feelings and emotions seem to have taken the backseat.

But most of all, we say that we just don’t have the time any more. Everything needs to happen right now, fast and furious without any waiting time. But something like love takes time to mature, time for you to discover one another in the real sense. The secret is that people discover that they are made for each other. They allow themselves to do that.

Sometimes it comes off and sometimes it doesn’t. The failures sometimes really scare and that becomes another deterrent to going and putting yourself out there. And if you have a couple of these failures (which at times is bound to happen) then the belief in beautiful things like happiness, love and the made for each other notion completely go out of the window.

But it doesn't have to be like that of course!

It is indeed true that the world has become a harder, grittier and may be more scary place to live in but that doesn’t have to be the only world we see. There is another side to life that comes into focus once we slow things down and just take a breath. That is when you rediscover the beauty in the world.

This doesn’t mean that there’ll be violins in the air or birds chirping at just the right moments. However, it does mean that things will seem a little better than normal and you may just wake up with a smile on your face!

Where does the whole made for each other thing come in here? Well, what this notion is really supposed to do is inspire hope! Inspire love! Inspire courage! and inspire faith that there’s a bit of magic in the world. That’s exactly how you feel when you find that special someone you want to be with. All the best feelings in the world are interconnected and they all are still there! 

They will remain there as long as you believe and they disappear as soon as you stop. Give love some time and give it a chance and then you’ll see that there’s a whole different world out there!

made for each other
better half

5 ways you don’t know you’re annoying your better half

Let's face it, relationships are difficult.

better half

I mean, how can someone tell what their better half is thinking all the time?

You just can’t and so, at times, you end up disappointing your partner and they definitely let you know. These situations are resolved in the end and the two of you become stronger in the process. These situations probably happen every other day and you grow because of them and because of the communication between the two of you.

But this doesn't happen all the time.

At times, you better half ends up keeping things inside, hoping that you will learn. They become colder and colder as you don’t and you either spend each minute in fear of a fight or blissfully ignorant of the storm that’s coming your way.

Well, this post should shed some light on all those things that annoy your partner, without you knowing about it! Once you understand this, you can actually do what said was difficult at the beginning of this blog – read their mind. Or at least look like you’re doing that anyway!

So, here are the top 7 ways you don’t know you’re annoying your better half. Prepare to be surprised!

1) You don’t listen.

This is a big one! Why? Because you think that you do listen. But being able to repeat back whatever was said only works in the movies. In real life though, you need to listen to his/her problems and help them discover a solution. Otherwise just be that shoulder to cry on they need you to be. And never belittle their problems.

2) You phub them.

No matter what the situation, there just isn’t any excuse for staring at a screen while your partner is talking to you. The rage felt during this time will one day spill over in a firestorm of shouting. So… best to avoid that. However, if you must do it, try excusing yourself for a minute to at least show them you care.

3) You’ve forgotten the little things.

Before you get your man/woman, it’s all about the little surprises to woo them. Getting he roses, buying him a game, helping her cook or doing housefly chores with him. Now, it’s just become a cycle of under appreciation with the two of you taking each other for granted. Just.. Don’t! The little things made them happy, that should make you happy!

4) You insult/belittle the people they love.

You’ve joked about their friend circle once, twice, thrice and they haven’t said a word. But they absolutely hate that you’re taking advantage of their silence. Sometimes, you may not be able to understand the relationship your better half has with someone, so don’t belittle it. Be supportive!

5) You take joy in contradicting them.

Let’s not kid ourselves, we all love a good I told you so. But do you really want to do that all the time to the person you love? You could actually be hurting them in ways that just can’t be fixed. Don’t be that person. Instead, learn from each other and grow. THAT is a healthy relationship!

better half

Be the person that your better half deserves. The person you always wanted to be! Most times, it is the things that aren’t said aloud that make the biggest difference.

Now that you know you were annoying or upsetting him/her without even knowing, it’s time to put things right! One little thing at a time!

best dating apps

Can the best dating apps get you love?

Love and technology, an odd match right?

best dating apps

It wouldn’t really appear so now!

All the best dating apps are now promising you the solution that you’ve been looking for… Love! Now, this is a pretty big promise to keep. But it’s quickly become the hope of so many individuals, young and old, who haven’t been very lucky in love.

The results though, have been predictably divisive. While some have had truly horrifying (read: unequivocally humours yet terrible) experiences, others have gone on to form healthy relationships and even taken the big step towards marriage! While these are the extremes, the answer we need probably lies somewhere in the middle.

It also depends heavily on the kind of app that you’re using.

best dating apps

So, let's look at some of the best dating apps today

  • TINDER: The most popular dating app, with over 50 million downloads, Tinder depends on the visual appeal plus a quirky one liner.
  • OKCUPID: Depends very much on your answers to detailed personality based questions to find you the right match.
  • COFFEE MEETS BAGEL: The app gets you one match a day and gives you 24 hours to decide whether you want to connect.
  • HOWABOUTWE: An app that lets you set up impromptu dates, it aims to help you go out, socialise and meet people.
  • TASTEBUDS: A cleverly named app that helps you to connect with people through common music tastes and preferences.
  • BUMBLE: A women-centric dating app, it puts the emphasis on the female to make the first move and initiate a conversation.

There are so many more apps out there in the market but these are the best dating apps with respect to popularity. From your love for dogs or cats, to your favourite songs or foods, there’s apps to help you find partners through anything you consider important.

What that means is that there’s a lot of opportunity out there, but how much is actually getting resulting in meeting people that you genuinely like?

These facts from Tinder can give an indication:

  • Swipes/Day: 1.6 billion
  • Matches/Day: 26 million
  • Dates/Day: 214,286 dates per day

This roughly means that less than one percent of matches become dates. Does that mean that even the best dating apps aren’t helping you find love? Hang on! Let’s not draw conclusions yet!

What if I say we've been looking at dating apps the wrong way?

Let’s say you walk into a room full of the opposite sex, finding ‘love‘ will still be a long-shot but it’s better than not walking into any such room, right? You won’t find love sitting by yourself contemplating about a wonderful life.

This is the way to think about the best dating apps, not as dating apps but as introduction and interaction apps! If you find that you’re to shy to go up to someone and interact with them in real life, then dating apps will help you out. They can be the conversation starters that you need to get yourself out of a rut.

There are some things you need to be careful of though:

  • It will feel like making shallow judgements is par for the course but do try and avoid this mindset.
  • Don’t put your entire faith in it because even the best dating apps won’t help then. Remember to go out and meet many people!
  • Try and find the right dating app for you to enhance your experience.
  • Also, just like any other social media platform, be true to yourself and don’t get carried away. Love will definitely find you!

What can you take away from this?

best dating apps

All in all, when you’re looking for love, some of the best dating apps around will help you meet as many like minded people as possible. But then it obviously is on you if you can take it from there. These apps are doing what social media did to interactions ten years ago.

A little bit of patience and the right mindset will help you truly use these apps in the way that they were always intended.

Good luck and may you discover love!

break up

Can you remain friends after a break up?

An age old question, supposedly one without an answer.

Now, I’m not claiming that I’ve solved this most unsolvable of mysteries. That would be like saying for certain that I’ve found the lost city of Atlantis or that I know what happens in the Bermuda triangle. Such highveldt statements work to only discredit the speaker.

But what this topic needs is as much realism as possible. A break up is a nasty, uncomfortable situation to go through and leaves so many devastated. You not only lose who you thought was your soul part but also usually your best friend. Someone with whom you could share everything and be yourself. As such, there may be many unresolved bitter feelings that don’t allow you to move forward. You forget all the happiness that relationship gave you and instead you only remember the negativity. In this state, is it really possible to have a friendship with them?

break up

Now, a break up isn’t the end of the world and you will find someone else. We all get more than one chance at love ofcourse, that’s only fair. But that person or their unique characteristics that made you open up may be a rare quality to find.

So wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could remain friends with them even after a break up? Despite all the negative feelings we spoke off in the previous paragraph, this is indeed possible.

Just because a romantic relation wasn’t possible, it doesn’t mean ties have to be broken off completely. Even though at the time that will feel like the only way.

Overcoming negative feelings will be your first and biggest hurdle. You’ll need to understand that maybe you weren’t meant to be together romantically. However, you CAN definitely be friends. Once this realization kicks in, we can begin the healing process.

Overcoming that feeling will be your first and biggest hurdle. Once you’re able to do that, we can begin the healing process.

break up

So, what can you do to keep the friendship intact? Let’s see if we can solve this together (which means sound off your helpful comments as well!):

  • To start off, you need to understand if you truly want to be just friends. After a break up the romantic part is gone. No use lugging it around.
  • The next step is obviously finding out whether your former partner wants the same. Some are more delicate to this situation than others.
  • But if you both agree, then comes the hard bit. You need to get all your buried feelings out in a mature manner. Have a talk in a comfortable space.
  • This ensures that everything is out on the table and you’ll actually help each other become better people.
  • Now, talk about why you should remain friends… and make it meaningful. Don’t just do so cause you share a circle of friends or work together (that doesn’t tend to last).
  • You don’t have to commit to anything yet! Just give it a try, if it works out, then good for you!

break up

So, to answer the question, “If you can remain friends after a break up?” I indeed think you can. We have amazing ways to work situations out if the person involved is someone we cared about. Every relationship that we’re a part of is meant to teach us something. Now that can be in a variety of ways and forms. It’s up to you to take this thought further.

feeling jealous

Feeling jealous: The Bane of romantic relationships

You say you trust her and she says she trusts you and with those small but integral words, you form the basis of your relationship.

feeling jealous

For a time, things are rosy and the days go by as you planned. But life will throw you its curve balls and at these moments, you must stay strong. For at these times, it’s nigh impossible to remember the promises that you made. So even though the foundation was right, it was still affected by the simplest of thoughts.

It’s a matter with every relationship you have, not just the romantic ones.

Even though we try our best to stay firm, there will be times that unpleasant thoughts creep into our minds. These are the moments to be careful. There are many unsavory aspects that can chip away at the relationships we’ve built. There is one thing however, that affects us more that the rest.

Nothing erodes this foundation like jealousy.

Feeling jealous in a relationship may spell the beginning of the end for something that you’ve nurtured so lovingly and carefully. It’s like a thread that unravels all too quickly, before you can do anything at all. You end up becoming a helpless spectator in your own life.

Because once the thought is planted in your head, it will grow and gnaw away to each cell of your body till it leaves nothing behind. Later on though, the thought of regret will just grow and grow.

feeling jealous

Once you give in, you too will be left with nothing. Love is a powerful emotion but it doesn’t make you immune to feeling jealous, unless you are of strong mind ofcourse.

But first, let’s take a look at some of the situations where you may end up feeling jealous:

  • If your spouse earns more than you, you should be happy for them rather than jealous. However, often the latter takes place.
  • A spouse seemingly better skilled at say, raising a child, daily chores or financial tasks can also be a common reason.
  • Probably the most common one is your loved one having close friends of the opposite gender. That can get under anyone’s nerves!
  • Those in long distance relationships can especially find trusting each other a difficult task.
  • The most detrimental of all, if your mind constantly wanders to negative situations all on its own, then feeling jealous is a sureshot side-effect.

feeling jealous

When you read about them, these situations will seem a little silly. You’ll think to yourself, “No way, will I ever fall for any of these. I’ll see them coming a mile away.” But that’s easier said than done.

Especially when you’re faced with this situation at a time when you feel vulnerable. Then, you’ll probably lash out without even knowing what you’re doing at the time.

Later on, when the match has been light and the spark ignited, you’ll only have regret to keep you company.

But defeating jealously doesn’t require a big secret or a magic spell. It merely requires you to remember what you said at the very start. Your words of trust, basing a relationship on the foundation of honesty and believing each other no matter what. When you look across to the person opposite to you, the one you loved beyond any doubt, see your trust repaid in boundless adoration.

Know that you’ve discovered something special and throwing that away from an impulsive decision can’t be a wise decision, right?

So, let love guide you and feeling jealous will be a thing of the past!

for love

Trading in fear for love and courage

As you sit there and read this, ask yourself “What do I fear?” On the surface, the answers may be spiders, the dark, heights and other such common phobias. But don’t stop there, keep going and you’ll find some surprising answers. As we all tend to do when we truly introspect for a good amount of time, we discover what truly lies underneath. So, think a little more deeply and you’ll discover what you’re afraid of.

Don’t we all fear being penniless and jobless? Won’t we do anything to ensure that these situations don’t come to be? Becoming another one of those manufactured human beings meant to follow orders.

for love

And so we forget to take risks and conform to conventions. It seems like the right thing to do is fall in line, obey the rules and live safely in the shadows. Living for love of life itself becomes living in fear of it. You won’t even realize when this transition takes place, it will just take a hold of you and change your perspective of life.

Whether we were meant to do this and live our life by falling in line is another question in itself! Think about the greatest people you know, what do they have in common? They were brave risk takers who defied existing conventions and forged a path all on their own.

They did it despite the strife they faced, despite the adverse situations they encountered and in spite of the fact that no one seemed to believe in them. The only thing on their side was a conviction that they were right to defy the age old practices and find a better way for themselves. In the end, their determination was their salvation.

“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” - Jim Rohn

for love

And so we come to present day. The greats now dwell in our mind like fairytales while notions of our own adventure are thoughts saved for some day. Mechanically going about the everyday, ensuring that nothing seems out of place.

But this takes away one of our greatest gifts, for love cannot survive in constraint!

for love

It is that one feeling that takes us out of our comfort zone and compels us to pursue what we really want. Any one of us would take a cross country road trip if we knew the one we love was waiting for us. Some of you may have already done that! This is when fairytales break out of our minds and into the vivid canvas that is our life. These moments, let fear take the back seat as you pursue the what if for the sheer joy of being able to do so.

Some of you may have already done that!

So let’s hold on to this feeling, for love can widen our horizons like no other feeling. It can teach us to take risks, break out of the monotony and experience each moment like it was meant to be. We have these grand plans that say by the time we’re 40 or 50, the retirement life will be filled with all that promised joy.

But what about the NOW?

for love

Don’t keep waiting for the best years of your life because each year can be the best year! Find the courage through and break away from fears. It is there in this land that life awaits.


Long Distance Relationships: A New Perspective

There have been endless words, paragraphs, prose and even novels written about long distance relationships…

long distance relationshipsCourtesy:

It’s a phenomenon that equally frightens and intrigues us, with that simple question of ‘what would happen’. Would you be able to last despite the distance, would it strengthen your resolve or would you find it impossible to cope with? Ofcourse, the entire issue revolves around trust as well. We can safely say that long distance relationships will probably remain a mystery and the how you make it work part will always wary.

Instead, let’s try focusing on another perspective. The distance may actually end up helping you to gauge various aspects of the relationship. If you look at it from a new perspective, you can turn around this difficult situation to your advantage. When you think about it, that’s the essence of life; making lemons out of lemonade! How, you ask? You can look at it as an opportunity.


Yes, it is going to be difficult initially but in the long run your bond will only get stronger.

long distance relationships

So, if your partner/boyfriend/girlfriend has to live away for a while, as the first step be happy for them. It’s a tough choice for them as well, so you don’t need to make it harder. Secondly, in a relationship we often end up sacrificing or compromising things out of sheer love. But there’s also a chance of resentment being built up.


 So look at long distance relationships as an opportunity to fulfill each of your potential. You can always get back together having attempted things that you wanted to try but didn’t have time for.

In the beginning, these things will seem nothing short of frivolous and superfluous. You may tell yourself that these are coping methods to escape from an incredibly difficult phase of life. We’ve a lll felt afraid at the beginning of a new chapter in our lives and rightly so. You can never tell how things will shape up and what the future well and truly holds. A positive mindset is pretty difficult to achieve at these times. But this is exactly what we need to do during long distance relationships.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that , having a partner around may make you socially dependent on them as well. Feel like you’d be lost at a party without your partner? Well, then now is the time to dust off your social skills and make some friends. The distance will wear you down very quickly if you don’t have someone to talk to. So, stop avoiding those office parties and college gatherings and start making a few more friends. Try connecting with other people, finding common interests and give your all to feeling better about yourself.

long distance relationshipsCourtesy:


Lastly, the two of you will discover if you’re serious about the relationship. A long distance relationship is the chance to explore the more caring, nurturing side of your personality because you need a lot of patience and understanding to ensure you both come out of this stronger, together and as individuals. Just remember to do the little things right because they have the biggest impact. Your partner will sense when you’re truly involved in the relationship.

long distance relationships



As a side-note, don’t worry too much. Long distance relationships aren’t as distant as they used to be. We have every possible means of staying in touch and they’re increasing day by day. It’s up to you, how you make it work. It could be a skype date or a even an online gaming date! Whatever works for you!

As they say, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.”


relationship goals

What role relationship goals actually play

Maintaining a relationship is no easy task.

relationship goals Courtesy:

If you feel that you’ve got the perfect relationship all figured out, then do let us know! 

Even with the perfect partner, there will be occasions of problems and miscommunications that arise. History is witness to the fact that no relationship is perfect, after all, even our grandparents who’ve been together for decades argue sometimes. These moments can leave you so puzzled and confused as you ask yourself so many seemingly unanswerable questions. How do you know if your relationship is moving in the right direction and you’re doing all you can while also receiving the best from your partner?

After all, no divine epiphany is going to hit you one day and say that “Stop! This relationship isn’t good for you. Get out of dodge NOW!” That would be really, really helpful. But… it doesn’t work that way sadly. It’ll always be on YOU to decide the condition your relationship is in.

Sometimes, it feels like there just isn’t any answer and you feel more lost and confused than ever before. So, is there a way out of this vicious circle? 

Well, one does set goals in life to reach where they want to be, so you could do the same with relationships. Quite simply, you could define where you want to be and chart the best course to get there with your partner. This is that often discussed concept of ‘Relationship Goals.’ They might seem gimmicky or overbearing at first, but in the long run they can have an incredibly positive effect on your relationship. Let’s talk about why relationship goals are exactly what you need.

relationship goals

Knowing where your ship is sailing to is usually the right first step. Goals will help you and your partner understand what kind of future they see for the relationship. Once you see the bigger picture, it’s time to focus on the little things. Setting small relationship goals not only gives you the room to ease into the process but also avoid early disappointment.

So, as you’ve probably noticed, the first step is undoubtedly introspection. Going within yourself and discovering the true reasons you’re in the relationship. You have to be honest with yourself before forming relationship goals.




Moving on, relationship goals are a good way to understand what your partner seeks from you and reduce ambiguity. No one likes to have an argument after a small misunderstanding, right? All you need is a small discussion to understand what went wrong and set/change your goals accordingly. There’s nothing quite as rewarding as fulfilling the needs of your partner and seeing the joy on their face. THAT is why one gets into a relationship.

When you think about it, we’re not meant to be alone all our lives right? We need someone to share our joys and our problems. We need to love and to feel loved. Relationship goals are a way to get there. Because without this extra effort, a romantic relationship would be just like any other friendship, right? How would that other person ever feel special if you don’t go the extra mile for them? This is why we set out goals.

Achieving your relationship goals is a good cause for celebration! Recognizing success, even in the smallest way, adds great positivity to the relationship. It is a way of commemorating that you are indeed on the right path. These little celebrations will help in reducing past animosity and strengthening the positive aspects of the relationship.

When there is some adversity like long distance or difficult working hours, relationship goals remind you not to neglect your partner and still give them the attention they deserve. Tangible goals like getting a house or a car together work best when blended in with your relationship goals, this helps in keeping your priorities in order.

You must accept adversity as a part of your relationship, as it is with every relationship. Relationship goals are definitely a good way of overcoming ill feelings. Also, don’t be too afraid on confrontations. A lot of good can can out of them as long as you keep them healthy and not personal. Remember, the end goal is to explore and eventually strengthen the feelings you have for each other. If that is through a little bit of a row, then so be it.

relationship goals

Finally, relationship goals also are a way to spend time together, furthering your lives as you go along. The secret of a fulfilling relationship are not just the moments of joy but also the moments of significance where the two of you can support each other. That’s the reason we seek love for better or for worse. 

It’s a very real feeling that is grounded to this earth but also has that ability to take us beyond the everyday.


Relationship goals are not an end but a means to a happy ending.