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olympic medal

What it means to win an olympic medal

Though we see the moments of victory on TV, we seldom know what is happening after.

olympic medal

The Olympics last only around two weeks but we believe that its results last for a lifetime. Michael Phelps will go down in history for being the most decorated Olympian of all time. Usain Bolt will forever be known as the fastest man alive.

So many of these athletes who made the sport their life will soon stand at a crossroads of where and how to go ahead in life. Years upon years were spent trying to master a single skill set that would set them apart and help them stand atop the world. Now, once that time is at an end, you can ask, “What does it all mean?”

Really, what does it mean to win an olympic medal?

It took Singapore 12 years, after its debut in the Olympics to earn its first medal. Russia has been caught in doping scandals as far back as you can remember. Hitler himself took the games very seriously and considered it essential to German pride. Meanwhile, demonstrations like ‘Black Power’ have reminded us that all is not equal in the world.

Amidst all of this, you have athletes trying to win an Olympic Medal. 

They constantly try to prove themselves and when they’ve done that they are welcomed back home as heroes. However, they tend to remain in the public eye only while the games are on. Very few times due people actually try to discover what happens to their heroes.

Do they retire with a huge fortune? Do they get regular jobs? Do they even fit in anywhere anymore?

Rower Elise Sherwell, who retired after the Beijing Olympics, found it difficult to integrate herself back into society as she was used to a fixed regiment and having a constant goal to beat. Also, the quest for an olympic medal doesn’t leave you much time to favourably fill up your CV. So, it isn’t rainbows and butterflies for these athletes as one might imagine.

But what about the prize money that they get?

It is definitely true that olympic medal winners get monetary and other incentives once they return but even here there are a great deal of discrepancies. For example, the United States offers around $25,000 as reward for gold medal winners but this is a taxable income. So, athletes actually get a significantly lesser amount.

On the other hand, you have countries like Singapore and India which are offering significantly larger amounts to their medal winners but don’t have the necessary culture to cultivate such olympians. This disparity is what athletes face on a daily basis, the struggle behind all the pomp and glamour that is the Olympics.

Ofcourse, it isn’t all doom and gloom. In countries like Australia, Germany and the US to certain extent, these champions are taken care of and their hard work and dedication is always remembered. This is exactly why these countries tend to produce more Olympians than others. If the environment is nurturing, then the results will show that.

So yes, an olympic medal does mean a great deal but even more so if you’re from a country that respects that.

olympic medal
Joseph Schooling

Joseph Schooling, the boy who conquered Micheal Phelps

It's one thing to meet your hero but something else entirely to beat them!

But that is exactly what Joseph Schooling did when he beat his idol, Micheal Phelps, in the 100m Butterfly to win the first ever gold medal for Singapore. It wasn’t a one off either, with Schooling already having beaten Phelps in the same event in June. Add this to the fact that this was Phelps’ last individual race in the Olympics and it becomes a story perfect for the history books.

During the after match press conference, Schooling could barely put into words how he was feeling. He said, “A lot of this is because of Michael, he’s the reason I wanted to be a better swimmer.” Surely, there was a story there? Meanwhile, Micheal Phelps was bidding adieu to the sport and the pool to which he had given 24 years of his life. Despite finishing the individual event with a Silver Medal, he was quite sure that this was it. Only the 4x100m relay remains.

If he wins the gold in that, he will finish with an amazing 23 Golds and overall 28 Olympic medals, easily the most decorated Olympic athlete.

Yet all Phelps would do during the press conference was ask the reporters to pose more questions to Joseph Schooling. He said that he couldn’t be happier with the person would had defeated him and he wasn’t feeling any sadness. Instead, he said that he greatly admired Schooling and his dream. Now, there definitely is a story there! 

That is when this image surfaced on the internet

Joseph Schooling

That’s right, Joseph Schooling actually met Phelps 8 years ago when he was merely a 13 year old boy. He got to tell his idol how much he was inspired by his work ethic and got words of encouragement in return. Micheal Phelps was in Singapore while he was training for the upcoming Beijing Olympics. At one of the training pools, he ran into Schooling who could barely express his excitement.

Little did he know that he had actually met an Olympic Gold Medal Winner. 

Around this time, Joseph Schooling moved to Florida to further his swimming training and was coached by an Olympic Bronze Medalist, Sergio Lopez. He dedicated his victory in Rio to the hard work put in by his stern yet hardworking coach. 

Along the way, Schooling conquered many challenges.

Joseph Schooling

In Singapore, it is mandatory for men to enlist into the National Service after completing their schooling. In 2012, once Joseph Schooling competed at the 2012 Olympics, this rule was waived off for him so that he could train for the Rio Olympics.

Also, the biggest factor being that Singapore had never actually won a gold medal at the Olympics, winning their first medal in 1960, twelve years after they entered the Olympics. They only had a grand total of four medals in the Olympics in 68 years before Rio.

Finally, Schooling grew up in a household that was initially conservative and even something like the tattoo of the Longhorn that he now has on his back took quite a lot of convincing.

But he overcame these challenges to etch his name in the history books. A true win for the dreamer and a highlight of the 2016 Olympics!

building up confidence

Why you aren’t building up confidence

Confidence is the key...

The key that we just seem to lose all the time!

Each day, as we wake up, we more or less do know how it will pan out. There are things that need to be done and obstacles that need to be overcome. It’s these everyday challenges, which aren’t to overwhelming yet still need your attention, that keep things interesting.

Every successful effort is key to building up confidence. And like we’ve said, “confidence is key”. But more often than not, it deserts us in moments of real need or doesn’t come to us in the first place. No matter how many books you read, people you talk to or calming breaths you take, something is always missing.


There’s a pretty simple answer. 

Most people will have you believe that confidence comes from preparation, maybe even over preparation. The more you simulate challenging scenarios in your mind, the more you practice, the more you’re building up confidence. And in some amount this does help, however it isn’t the be all and end all.

You’re better off building up confidence through failure.

What that is meant to do is to get you out there and at least attempting what you’ve been training for! So many times we give up before we even make a single attempt and then wonder where the confidence went? But if you can remove the fear of failure, just for a little while, then you’ll do something extraordinary. Building up confidence that lasts a lifetime and not just a few seconds is the true goal, right?

This can only happen when you let your fears take over and then you conquer them. That is when you find permanence. Should you really fail, you’ll still gain some confidence as you’ll know what to do next time, only if you keep a clear mind.

So, building up confidence requires failure?

building up confidence

Not exactly, it requires you to make an attempt and not a mock one in front of friends and loved ones but a raw and real one. The one with the sweaty palms, shaking fingers, trebling knees and a ‘Hail Mary!’ Somewhere in that world lies what you seek.

It’s one of the hardest things to do in the world, which is why it is so rewarding. If you can push yourself beyond the everyday and the ordinary, then you have something special that you know sets you apart. What’s a bigger confidence booster than that?

So today, go out there and make an attempt. That’s all you need to ask of yourself, and give it your absolute best. You’ll find that you’ve been holding the key to building up confidence all along!

made for each other

The end of made for each other couples?

Who doesn't want to experience true love?

That feeling that you absolutely belong with this other person and the pieces fit perfectly, just like a puzzle. There can’t be a more comforting than knowing that from that point onwards, you don’t ever have to be alone. Someone is there who understands you and will stand by you, no matter what.

The fact that you really are made for each other. 

But today, is this notion anything more than a fairytale? Do we even have the time for these fantastical thoughts?

It sadly doesn't seem like it.

made for each other

Ideas like love that is made for each other don’t seem to find the fancy of a world that is solely focused on getting ahead and getting that promotion. We have men who have to work harder and longer than ever to be one of the breadwinners of their family. On the other hand, we also have women who are still fighting an uphill battle to be counted as equals.

There is so much rivalry that has been created between the sexes that feelings and emotions seem to have taken the backseat.

But most of all, we say that we just don’t have the time any more. Everything needs to happen right now, fast and furious without any waiting time. But something like love takes time to mature, time for you to discover one another in the real sense. The secret is that people discover that they are made for each other. They allow themselves to do that.

Sometimes it comes off and sometimes it doesn’t. The failures sometimes really scare and that becomes another deterrent to going and putting yourself out there. And if you have a couple of these failures (which at times is bound to happen) then the belief in beautiful things like happiness, love and the made for each other notion completely go out of the window.

But it doesn't have to be like that of course!

It is indeed true that the world has become a harder, grittier and may be more scary place to live in but that doesn’t have to be the only world we see. There is another side to life that comes into focus once we slow things down and just take a breath. That is when you rediscover the beauty in the world.

This doesn’t mean that there’ll be violins in the air or birds chirping at just the right moments. However, it does mean that things will seem a little better than normal and you may just wake up with a smile on your face!

Where does the whole made for each other thing come in here? Well, what this notion is really supposed to do is inspire hope! Inspire love! Inspire courage! and inspire faith that there’s a bit of magic in the world. That’s exactly how you feel when you find that special someone you want to be with. All the best feelings in the world are interconnected and they all are still there! 

They will remain there as long as you believe and they disappear as soon as you stop. Give love some time and give it a chance and then you’ll see that there’s a whole different world out there!

made for each other

Top 7 facts you don’t know about Patreon

If you follow popular YouTubers, then you've definitely heard about Patreon.


But what is this mysterious website/social media platform and why do your favourite YouTubers keep asking you to support them on Patreon?

You’ve probably had this doubt more than once and now is the time to finally have it answered! The world of creativity and crowd-funding is one of the fastest developing sectors around and more and more artists, musicians, performers, story-tellers etc., are creating amazing content. But not all of them have had the spotlight or a chance to shine like they actually deserve to.

This is where Patreon comes in. 

So, let’s go and discover everything you didn’t know about your favourite YouTubers’ favourite website!

Fact 1: 

Patreon is a crowd-funding website, co-created by popular YouTuber Jack Conte, in 2013. His sole aim was to provide a platform for those who regularly create content to earn through their ‘Patrons’ or subscribers.

Fact 2: 

As of January 2016, Patreon has raised an astounding $ 47.1 million as investment from various angel investors.

Fact 3: 

Patrons donate over $1,000,000 per month to Patreon’s content creators! Now that’s a rewarding platform for talented artists!

Fact 4: 

How can you tell that Patreon is really taking off? Well, it had an an amazing 11,356 new content creator members in May 2016 alone!

Fact 5: 

In May 2013, there were around 13 creators making at least $100 per month. Jump forward to May 2016 and that number has skyrocketed to a jaw-dropping 7,960! Will you be joining the website soon as well?

Fact 6: 

Patreon isn’t just for the upcoming artists and musicians but also established ones as well! Multi-instrumentalist and lead singer of Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra, Amanda Palmer is a prominent member of Patreon along with artists like Johnathan Rosenberg, Paul Taylor etc.

Fact 7: 

The final and most important proof that Patreon is helping content creators is this number: in May 2016, a total payment of approximately $6.1 million was made to all the creators on the website. Isn’t that amazing?


As we go forward, original content is just going to get more valuable because of the current content saturation and duplication. People who are putting their heart and soul into something that they love should definitely be rewarded for that by not only having it reach millions of people but actually making some kind of living off their original content.

Patreon is leading that very wave. If you feel that original content is something that you can offer or if you are a lover of such content then you should definitely head on over here:

It’s the little difference that you make, that makes a different world.

home garden

Why you should start up your own home garden

You're already thinking that this isn't gonna happen... aren't you?

So, before you go ahead and let that judgement reach its sad conclusion, just think about it for a second.

What if you could have a brilliant home garden with all you favourite fruits and veggies thriving right in your backyard? 

You could have a windowsill of herbs and spices, ready to flavour your food whenever you want rather than running to the store every time. 

You could go picking flowers in your own backyard/fire escape/patio just to cheer yourself up! 

You could be the inspiration for many of those people who think this can’t be done. 

So you see? You aren’t just contemplating growing a home garden but about making a lifestyle choice that will make your days so much better! And the best part is that with today’s technology, range of products and information, you really have all that you need to help you get started!

home garden

Here are some of the doubts you've probably had.

  • Just no time to fit a home garden into my incredibly busy schedule.
  • I don’t have a green thumb/ I don’t have the talent to grow the plants that I want.
  • Where’s the space?? I barely have any room for a home garden, how do I find the space?
  • My city is too hot/cold/dry/rainy and beautiful plants could never grow here.
  • I could just buy plants from a store and decorate my home.
  • I don’t know anything about growing plants, I could just be setting myself up for failure.
  • WHY should I have a home garden anyway? Isn’t life hard enough already?

Truth be told, all these are pretty valid points and it’s quite natural to be afraid of failure. But then, opinions should change with changing times and the modern world has answered so many of these doubts!

Not only is life getting easier but also are the means to follow our passion. Everyone has access to tools, better seeds, information and even secrets to success, so you don’t need to stop yourself…

... now is the time to grow that amazing home garden!

home garden

The internet is your friend because you get all the real information you need on growing the plants that you want. Not only that, but so many myths have been debunked online to ease your passageway to becoming a gardener!

It’s a fantastic way to relax and recuperate after an incredibly busy day/schedule. If you can somehow make it a part of your day then it will positively affect everything else too!

You don’t know if you have a green thumb or not, unless you give it a try. So many people, busy with unimportant work, miss out on something that could really change their life. 

The meaning of ‘home garden’ has evolved quite a bit in the past few years and you don’t need a great deal of space to make a beautiful garden. You can have living walls, tea cup pots, herbs on your windowsill, flower pots in the fire escape (leaving enough space to escape of course!) or stacked pots in one corner of the room. Visit Pintrest for some amazing ideas!

There are plants for every season so there’s no reason you won’t be able to grow some at your home. Just find out the prevalent temperatures in your city and find the plants most suitable to that!

Finally, yes you could buy these plants from the store but then you don’t get the experience that comes with cultivating a home garden. The sheer joy of watching that sprout turn into a strong plant is unlike you will ever experience, so why not just give it a try?

Check back soon and we’ll have a beginner’s guide to growing your own home garden up too! Hope you feel inspired!

why donald trump

Why Donald Trump reflects our world

How many times have you stared at you TV thinking, Why Donald Trump, why?..

why donald trump

It would be fair to say that you would be in the majority, when it comes to your disbelief at the situation. What started out as a seemingly convoluted nomination, has now become the talking point in the US. Donald Trump has gone from talking about his glitzy social life to discussing matters of state (and doing it with equal off-handedness).

Now, the aim of this article isn’t to discuss why Donald Trump is the right or wrong choice or why he is exactly what the country needs or doesn’t need. That’s been covered extensively, from his talks about ‘The Wall’, ‘Immigrants’, ‘Banning Muslims’ or ‘China, China, China.’

The bigger mystery here is, why Donald Trump is (presumably) in the running? How have his words, uttered so bluntly, not drowned him yet? The reason may be as clear as is it unnerving…

Donald Trump may be speaking exactly what we're thinking

Let that soak in for a minute and give this notion a thought. Let it connect to what you really think and you’ll know where you stand when it comes to the prospective Republican nominee.

Many things that we believe but don’t say aloud are still things or notions that we believe in. Why Donald Trump is different is because he is merely just saying all those things in public. Though he’s been admonished by many people, he has also gained an astonishing number of followers.

So, what’s America really thinking? 

why donald trump

Bomb ISIS and take that problem out of the equation. Some civilians may get hurt but it has to be done for the greater good. Diplomacy and clear strategy aren’t working.

Systems work best when the rich are getting richer because it is them who will push development forward. That may come at the cost of the poorer sections but they aren’t contributing to the GDP anyway. Policies that benefit big corporations are the way forward.

By openly making misogynistic comments on National Television and barely facing any backlash, Donald Trump has shown that women have yet to gain any true equality. We may give them more chances but we’re still thinking of that as charity and not an opportunity that has been well deserved.

We believe that a President shouldn’t only be capable but also cunning. Just take a look at the much-idolised President Frank Underwood from the Netflix series, House of Cards. He does whatever it takes to get the job done, but first ensures that he would benefit. 

Is that the kind of President who should hold office?

Finally, the biggest thing that we seem to relate to is his slogan, ‘Make America Great Again.’

Yes, that is catchy and memorable and yes America needs to be made great again but at what cost? That is the question that needs to be answered before one casts their vote. Greatness doesn’t just come from your GDP or a lower trade deficit but also the image of the nation that’s taken decades to build. Each word spoken by an elected representative makes ripples around the world. A President should be a man who takes his job seriously.


Grief and the path to getting better

Grief comes to all of us... in many forms.


To be human, means to feel. 

It’s that hollow pit in your stomach when you lose someone you love, the numbing of the mind and thoughts as you leave home, the shaking of your hands when you know bad news is coming or the weakened knees that just can’t take the weight of the world anymore.

We’ve often been acquainted with grief and it never gets easier.

It always feels like the world is about to end or should end and that things will never get better. People say that grief is temporary, some even give it a time period of a year. But you know the truth, you can never prepare for grief and you’ll never know when it’ll leave you.

But with a little strength and hope, leave you it shall. 


Because you are not alone


Through a number of experiences, we’ve been able to find the different stages of grief. Knowing that you’re going through any of these will help you understand that you are not alone. A person has stood where you stand, felt what you feel, cried their heart out and finally found peace with their situation.

The stages of grief are:

1) Denial:The stage where you aren’t able to accept what has happened or are in a state of shock. The numbness you feel doesn’t mean you don’t care, it’s just that at the moment you can’t process what has happened.

2) Bargaining: Trying to convince yourself that things could’ve been different. You end up going through every scenario in your head to its conclusion. This is so very important in eventually finding resolution because sometimes, we can’t do anything.

3) Depression: The scariest stage, that could spiral out of control if you don’t keep it in check. The loss hits hard, we feel alone, empty, discouraged and cry often, trying to understand the situation we’re in. There’s no telling how long this could last, people do need time to heal. 

4) Anger: Depression makes you feel helpless and that can be a source of anger. Few things are worse than powerlessness and when something means so much, we can’t help but feel angry at the world or a higher power. The best of us find it difficult to avoid this.

5) Acceptance: That stage that you feel will never come, but it does. Simply because life goes on and there are others depending on you to get better, and after a while, grieving gives way to a kind of peace. The feeling that some things just can’t be avoided, but there are many other things that deserve the best of you.

These stages aren't meant to quantify or dehumanise your grief. They are simply there to show that you aren't alone.

This could help you get through what you're feeling.

As you move through the stages and find your resolution, don’t be surprised if you find yourself coming back to any of these feelings in the future. There’s no fixed path to getting better but there are certain things that you can do to help you get there.

Yes, you need to be strong in the face of grief but that doesn’t mean not facing your feelings. The longer you tune them out, the longer it takes to heal. So, don’t be afraid or disappointed when and if the tears do come.

Almost always, we need a loved one to help us through. Someone who can listen to us, empathise and offer a few words of advice. Don’t hesitate in joining a therapeutic group if you have to. Take to whatever medium you connect with the most; music, writing, visuals, sketching, speaking and bring out what you feel. Who knows, you may help others heal too.

Look after yourself because you’re extremely vulnerable in these moments. If you fall into an addictive habit at this time, getting out will be really difficult. If you feel that your grief isn’t going away but intensifying and you feel that life is meaningless, then you may have developed complicated grief. Seek professional help as soon as you can, before things spiral.

Finally, don’t beat yourself up for feeling things. We’re human and we can’t help but get sad sometimes. It is your recovery that you now need to focus on.


As living, sentient beings, we'll experience more emotions than we can imagine, some happy, some sad. But all of them together make us who we are.


Why your first marathon will change your life


Over 700 marathons took place in 2015 in the United States and Canada alone. Over 550,000 people completed these marathons.

In the 2015 New York City marathon, there were 50,235 starters out of which 49,617 finished the race. 125 countries were represented and the oldest runner was one Agnes Roest-Bomers, at 84. Celebrities Alicia Keys, Ethan Hawke and James Blake too took part in the marathon.

So, what's with all the statistics?


Sometimes, statistics are the best way to bring to light some of the most important phenomena around us. Because we understand what numbers are and more views, more shares, more likes, more people and more participation mean more importance.

Ofcourse, probably none of these people participated in a marathon just to be a part of a statistic. They did so to change their lives.

Why a marathon then?

Because there are certain events that have the power to change your life and open your mind like getting your first income, your first house, marriage, becoming a parent, creating art… running a marathon. Here’s a link to a host of stories by people who ran their first marathon:

Now, it's your turn to join them

Wondering what is a marathon? The official definition states it to be “a long-distance running event with an official distance of 42.195 kilometres (26.219 miles, or 26 miles 385 yards), usually run as a road race.

First started as a tribute to a Greek Legend, it is now conducted around the world for competition, recreation or numerous charitable causes. It’s an event that gets people involved in large numbers and marathon runners become communities that last a lifetime.

For serious runners, there’s the call of the Biennial World Marathon Majors series held through Berlin, Boston, Chicago, London, New York City and Tokyo with a $500,000 prize given to the best overall male and female performers in the series.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet.


We’re talking about your first marathon after all!

But once you take the first few steps, you’ll find THE REASON that this will all be worth it. You will unlock a self-belief inside of you that you didn’t know you had! Through marathon training and gradually increasing your workload, you’ll begin to push the boundaries of what you thought you could do. Just imagine the moment when your mind and body tell you that this is possible. It is a feeling like no other.

It’ll be one amazing achievement off the Bucket List and your new found confidence will follow you through every part of your day. Just watch as your work, your exercise, your eating habits and your health improve dramatically!

Need a few more reasons?

  • You don’t need to participate to compete and win, you can do it for recreation or for achieving personal goals like finishing in under four hours.
  • Many marathons are organised by charities, so they’re a good way of giving back and feeling good about it too!
  • Since marathons basically involve high endurance exercise, they help you to decrease the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and depression.
  • Once you complete a marathon, you get a medal to remember the time that your courage conquered your fears!
  • It’s a good way to spend time with a loved one and may be even involve some healthy sibling rivalry.
  • Researchers at Karolinska Institute in Sweden stated that aerobic exercises like jogging reduces kynurenine in the body – a substance linked to depression.
  • On the other hand, regular exercise increases serotonin which enhances one’s mood drastically!

Now, we bet that’s pumped you up to participate in your very first marathon! It’ll be a decision that will change the way you look at life and there’ll be no going back. You will be the inspiration that your friends and family look towards.

Here’s a marathon training schedule to get you started:

Good luck and just keep running!


Has modern filmmaking made a difference?


If there's one thing we can always relate to, it's the movies.

You go there to have a good time, to relax and to escape into another world! The movies are our greatest dreams come o life on the big screen, so what’s not to love? The best part is that filmmaking incorporates everyone into the mix, so you have movies that almost anyone can relate to.

This is the reason for their universal appeal! 

Now, it isn’t just for entertainment of course, they do have other functions in our society. The art of filmmaking is just that… an art! So, when you think about it, art can entertain, it can astonish, it can astound but it can also instigate thoughts in your mind that you’ve never had before. Thoughts about society, mortality, family, love and friendship, among others. Filmmaking too is an art and can do all of these things!

Don't think so? Let's discuss on some great modern movies

Tom Hanks is an actor who’s been awe-inspiring movies with a message but one truly stands out. It’s called The Terminal - the story of a man who gets stuck at JFK International Airport because there’s a coup in his country and his original identity cannot be determined. So, he’s unable to go into New York City and fulfil his dreams because he becomes a citizen of nowhere. In an initially hilarious, but slowly heartbreaking scenario, we find out what it means to belong to no particular place.

It does make you think about your identity in the world and whether you have an identity at all. Definitely something you should watch for some introspection!

What about James Cameron's Avatar?

Sure it was a highly entertaining piece of filmmaking that opened our eyes to the possibilities of 3D cinema and took us on a journey to far away lands, but was it just that?

Or did it also speak of the injustices against the indigenous people and how those with seemingly better technology are allowed to encroach upon their surroundings? It also talks about how we as a species have destroyed our natural resources and now are becoming quite desperate because of that. All in all, it’s an eye-opening epic about the environment and the role we have to play in its protection. It’s alright to take it just take it as a movie and not the learning but that would diminish the movie’s experience.

How about some more recent filmmaking efforts?

Did you know that animated movies can make you think too?

Toy story is a great story about growing up and realising your place in the world, Up is a heartwarming tale of the places love can take you and the dreams we have and Finding Nemo is about the responsibilities fatherhood.

On a more recent note though, the movie Inside Out personifies human emotions and gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘feelings’. With each character being an emotion, we’re given deep insight into our reactions, and the process of growing up. It’s a funny, sad, happy, angry, heartbreaking and heartwarming story that you definitely need to watch!

Finally, let’s talk about an Oscar Winner.

Spotlight starring an highly acclaimed ensemble cast, is a true story about an investigative reporter team that writes for a newspaper in Boston. They find out about some shocking developments going on with the catholic church and aim to expose them and fight the system. This one goes beyond regular filmmaking in an endeavour to show the world that we, the people, need to change what’s wrong and take matters into our won hands.


So, you see? Filmmaking is an art form that’s been keeping us entertained and informed through the years. The best way to learn something new, is to be absorbed completely into the medium that’s teaching you. What better way to do that than learning from your favourite movie?

The next time you’re in a theatre, give the story a closer look and you’ll find some hidden meanings that will make your experience much better!