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rio olympics

Shocking controversies from the Rio Olympics

The Olympics are the premier sports and athletics event in the world. The best of the best will compete in the Rio Olympics to bring honour to their countries and win as many Olympic golds as possible.

But such a high profile event will always invite controversy.

So many things need to go right so that a flawless event can be pulled off… and that doesn’t usually happen. Even before the Rio Olympics have gotten off the ground, there have been issues that’ve propped up in the media. While the Rio Olympics should still be a fairly successful event, it’s still important to know what’s been going on.

The Russian Doping Scandal

rio olympics

Now, whether you’ve heard about it in passing on the news or have watched this hilarious John Oliver explanation video, you probably somewhat know about the Russian doping scandal. But did you know that it has extended as further up as the Russian government providing facilities to conduct this illegal act?

Now, just a week before the Rio Olympics, the entire Russian Weightlifting contingent has been handed a blanket ban. Not just that, the individual federations, i.e, golf, boxing, taekwondo, gymnastics etc. will announce their decision as well.

Chances are that we may not see a single athlete from Russia this year! 

Strange and sudden de-selection of South Sudan's best athlete

With South Sudan competing in their first ever Olympics, it was supposed to be a momentous occasion. However, it’s been marred by a sudden controversy as Mangar Makur Chuot, a refugee who rose through the ranks to get selected in the South Sudan team, was sent an email saying that he was no longer selected.

This was just 8 days before the beginning of the games. No reason was given but Mangar’s coach believes that it is due to corruption in the selection committee as lesser athletes are now going to the Rio Olympics.

The inspiring story of refugee to champion will sadly no longer play out.

Olympic Village not meeting safety guidelines

The Australian Team Chef de Mission, Kitty Chiller publicly announced that the Olympic Village with poor facilities like leaking pipes, blocked toilets, improper lighting, exposed wires haven’t been deemed fit for the Australian team and that they would take a call later on after (1) a Plumbing Stress Test (2) A Fire Test.

The Olympic Village is supposed to be the grand home of medal winners and champions but this definitely goes against that grain.

Stadiums under construction with a week left!

Last minute scrambles are a part of the game but you would hope that at the very least that the stadiums and venues would be ready to go, a week before the Rio Olympics begin. But sadly, latest pictures have shown that these are still under construction with transport links and roads not yet complete.

With over 10,000 athletes already flying in, it’s crunch time now to ensure the event’s success. Workers have been going overtime and overnight to get the job done. But the question arises,”why did it take so very long for this urgency to set it?”

rio olympics

Undoubtedly, the Olympics are an incredibly important event and we need it to succeed because they inspire greatness and hope. But with so many controversies, the importance of this grand event can get lost.

And that would be the real tragedy.

brexit poll

The Brexit Poll: What were we thinking?

Pretty much nothing, at least that's what the aftermath shows.

brexit poll

If the major search terms in Britain, after Brexit Poll were, “What does it mean to leave the EU?” and “What is the EU?”, then we can easily state that something has gone horribly wrong. The other shocking statistic said that a majority of those who voted to leave the EU, i.e. 65+ aged individuals will be living with the repercussions of the decision for the least time.

On the other hand, the younger population, a majority of whom voted to remain, now face an incredibly uncertain future. The Pound is now the lowest its been for over three decades and the Prime Minister, who’s incompetence started this mess in the first place, might make way for an even more incompetent Prime Minister who will be facing the full wrath of a shocked and flustered EU.

Immigrants on both sides have no clue what will happen post the Brexit Poll and Britain is in for a very rough few years.

Meanwhile, all the common people can think is, “What the heck just happened and why do I feel so scared?”

You could be worried if you're one of the people who've googled these terms.

brexit poll

The last time something unprecedented like this happened was way back in 1985 when Greenland decided to leave the ECC, the EU’s predecessor. That departure was more amicable and a special treaty was worked out for Greenland to still enjoy some trade benefits.

Undoubtedly though, this time things will be very different. With the EU scared of more withdrawals from other nations, they’ll probably make life incredibly difficult for Britain.

But it’ll be the common people suffering the most, wondering why didn’t they know that the Brexit Poll would be so important.

Because it was.

But we were swayed by false promises and big words. Like we have been so many times before.

brexit poll

A bus claiming that € 350 million was sent to the EU every week and that we should be spending it on National Health programs instead and two comical men bellowing something about Britain’s “Independence Day(?)” were enough to fool a nation.

Fast forward to the day after the Brexit Poll and every Pro-Leave advocate is suddenly mincing words. They can’t promise to spend €350 million on national healthcare and can’t truly answer why the Pound is in free fall.

And so, there’s only one truth left. 

To ask, “What were we thinking?”

Freedom to make decisions is a right that should be given to all but then it becomes our responsibility to use it well. Otherwise, the politicians and big personalities will disappear back into the shadows and we’ll be left wondering and worried for ourselves and our children.

To think that this decision won’t affect you, whether you’re part of the United Kingdom or not, would be incredibly naive. The world is more interconnected than we think and now is definitely a time to open our eyes and look at the things that matter in a new light. Our future depends on that.

simulation theory

The simulation theory and why it’s so important

If Elon Musk keeps talking about something, then you can guess that it is important.

Elon Musk on the simulation theory

When do we begin separating science fiction from our reality? As we hurtle towards an ever tech-based future, we come face to face with concepts that we’d only seen in movies. A.I or sentient artificial intelligence? With the Supercomputers at Harvard, NASA et all, it isn’t as distant a future as you may think. But we aren’t going to discuss whether robots will be taking over the world (maybe later!). Instead, another so-called science fiction concept that Elon Musk raised in an interview and Matt Damon mentioned during an MIT Graduation Speech.

Something that was made an immortal part of pop-culture at the turn of the twenty-first century by The Matrix.

The Simulation Theory or a concept that says we’re all actually a part of a simulated reality. That everything that happens to us is a part of a “game” and we’re merely players.

simulation theory

Could we really be living in a version on The Sims?

simulation theory

Many scientists, theorists, mathematicians and influential figures like Elon Musk have spoken aloud about this phenomenon and even published papers on why the simulation theory could be true. While nothing can be proven yet, these reasons do get you thinking. Just take a look!

  • As Musk states in the video above, we’re heading to a time when games may be indistinguishable from reality. So, what’s to say that someone already hasn’t beaten us to it?
  • Maths. It works in binary and gives us the ability to quantify everything around us including Humans. So, if we can figure out the code, then perhaps it can be written too?
  • The Anthropic Principle asks a simple question, why is there life on Earth? How are the conditions so perfect? Well, maybe they were made to be.
  • Another popular concept the Fermi Paradox can be befuddling if you think about about. How is it that we are the only living beings in the universe? Isn’t there anyone more advanced to carry out space travel? “Where is everyone?”
  • Finally, the most spine-tingling of all is the question of our Creator. Why do so many people believe there is one? Maybe it isn’t God but a post-now human, who is merely writing code, writing memories, habits and characteristics. Scary, isn’t it?

Simulation Theory can put you in knots, for sure!

All we have is the belief in our reality, the foundation on which we’re standing. It is unnerving to think that it would be taken away from us with the blink of an eye. Just seems impossible, doesn’t it?

But let’s not turn a blind eye to simulation theory. Atleast it is a why for us to learn something new, exercise our minds and just imagine possibilities!

Maybe the Matrix movies opened your mind to the science behind our reality and you’ve found something that you’re really passionate about! The simulation theory is an endless puzzle that could really use your energy.

You could be one of those who believe in questioning things and taking them to their logical conclusions. Science is a step by step process that leads to progress and this process definitely needs you!

You could be one of those who keep searching for a little bit of fantasy or magic in the world, something that really makes you go ‘woah!’ The simulation theory says you keep on with that work and you may just find what you’re looking for!

Finally, as Matt Damon said in his speech to MIT Graduates, maybe it doesn’t matter whether the world is real or not. It’s all we’ve got and it’s a world that is facing many, many problems. What we really need to do is buckle down and start making a difference. The least we can do is make our reality, a better place to live in.

Now that’s something to wake up to!

boarding school

Boarding school …will it scar you or save you?

Everyone has an opinion about boarding schools.

Even if they haven’t been in one or don’t even know the opinion of someone who has.


Quite frankly, it’s a good topic to get people riled up and siding one way or the other because the question pertains to their children. But in all that talking, have you ever gotten a satisfied, unbiased answer? It’s a very crucial decision that you have to make early on and if you get it wrong then it’ll leave a lasting impact that can be very difficult to overcome.

So which way can you turn? Some say that a boarding school is where kids can get out of hand while others say this is where you build character. No wonder it is a topic that has such a polarising effect on anyone you talk to. Just try it out and see it for yourself! Meanwhile, let’s take a look at what’s being said about this phenomenon.

Facts of boarding school life

boarding school

When things get too confusing, the right knowledge can set you free and help you make the right decision. So, let’s look at some truths that have been given to us by none other than the children who have lived in a boarding school. Because when you want to know how good or bad something is, you ask the person who’s done it before. If you ask enough people, you might actually find a truth that was hidden in front of you the entire time!

1: It’s the place to develop self-reliance

This is probably the biggest aspect that is in support of boarding schools. Because you’re not in a very laid-back home environment, you have to take charge of everything about your life and steer it in the direction you want. What comes after school? College of course and statistics say that nearly 87% of boarding school students say that they feel ready for that experience, compared to 39% of day scholars. As it is such a large percentage, there could be more truth to this than you previously thought.

2: It’s the place to improve your grades 

Now. don’t just look at grades from a mere numbers or statistics point of view because that’s not what learning or school is about. It is actually about gaining knowledge, for which there needs to be a nurturing environment. A boarding school can take learning beyond the classroom and make it a part of a child’s routine. Someone will always be there to clear doubts and help you along. 90% boarding school children believe they have very high quality teachers. And you do indeed have to be dedicated if you’re going to be living in a school.

3: It’s the place for difficult children? 

First off, every child has unique needs, we just need to understand them. When we’re unable to do so, we label those as difficult children and ship them off to a boarding school so they can be someone else’s problem. That’s not how it really works though because over 60% students go there to gain better education and less than 5% are involved in what you would label is troubled activity. 

4: It doesn’t really make that much of a difference

One thing that we can definitely agree on is that, in the end school can be the same everywhere. The subjects are the same, the calculations, alphabets, formulae and even tests and examinations. You’ll get graded with numbers no matter where you go. But what a boarding school does is give you additional experience to get you ready for the world. Around 44% of boarding school students achieved a successful career position fairly early on. Only 27% of day scholars did the same. This just goes out to say that school can offer skills which will prove their value over time.

boarding school

This article isn’t meant as an advertisement for boarding schools but instead an effort to clear some stigmas that exist in society. We may be portraying something beneficial in a negative light and that won’t benefit anyone.

So, the next time you get into a discussion on the matter, you’ll know exactly where to take it!

expectation vs reality

Expectation vs Reality: Three scenarios of Today

expectation vs reality

The truth hurts

… yet it is the truth.

A fact of life that we all face. Now whether we do face it or not, that is a choice that we can make. But, in some instances, you just can’t look away and ignore what’s going on. It may go from innocent ignorance to something really ends up hurting you in the end. Which is the last thing anyone wants.

So, here are three expectation vs reality situations that are affecting YOU or someone YOU LOVE.

A depressing childhood

expectation vs reality

Recent surveys show that the carefree nature of youth has become a thing of the past. Childhood is actually supposed to be for expanding your horizons, quenching your curiosity and taking part in the experiences around us at all times. However, it’s now a constant struggle of grades, peer pressure, career discussions and overbearing responsibilities.

Where does this road lead? To an unprecedented number of depressed children and teenagers – a number that’s doubled from the 1980’s to today. Here are some more expectation vs reality statistics:

  • Approximately 2.8 million adolescents in the United States, aged 12 to 17, had a major depressive episode in 2014.
  • An astonishing 3.2 million 12-19 year olds in Canada are at risk for developing depression.
  • Around 4% of the children in the UK are said to suffer from mood related illnesses such as anxiety and depression.
  • A survey published by the American Psychological Association showed that teens tend to be more depressed than adults: 5.8 vis-a-vis 5.1 on a ten point scale.
  • Social Media has lead to new forms of peer pressure that constantly follows adolescents and teens around.
  • An incredibly competitive job market has lead to teens feeling increased pressure with each year of schooling.

What can we do? 

Firstly, let’s accept that the children don’t have it easier than us and some of that may be our fault. It’s also our responsibility to recognise the symptoms of depression and anxiety by paying closer attention to their lives. Low mood or lack of interest extending beyond four weeks is a definite warning sign. Remember never to trivialise their situation, empathy is the way to recovery. Be open and let them and their problems in and truly step into their shoes.

Being a child isn’t child’s play anymore.

Undergraduate expectation vs reality

expectation vs reality

While the recession may (technically) be a thing of the past, it’s ripples are still being felt. Mostly by the undergraduates and even graduate students who are passing out with a rosy view of the job market. Somewhere, they end up thinking that getting a job can’t be too difficult, after all they have a degree. 

It’s here where reality creeps in. Sure, it isn’t as closed off as it was a few years back but the job market hasn’t yet recovered. Patrick O’Keefe (director of economic research at accounting firm J.H. Cohn) said that taking the US as an example, about 175,000 jobs needed to be added every month to counteract long term unemployment. However, only around 105,000 jobs were being added instead.

What of the youth? Sadly, around a quarter of the population is unemployed. In the United States alone, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York reported that 44% of the youth was unemployed. Many of them have had to take jobs below their qualifications just to pay off student loans.

Though this may not be the worst scenario yet, it is still quite difficult to handle. But awareness is the first step. Keeping informed will mean that you’re always ahead of the curve.

Women wages

The time of gender inequality is long past, right? If you tell anyone otherwise they’ll start quoting famous female CEOs, actresses, doctors etc. And yes, there has been a tremendous change and we’re heading in the right direction. However, we haven’t reached the end goal just yet, especially when it comes to women’s wages.

Women still receive wages that are 21% lesser than that of men. It gets worse if you are a woman of colour. Even education hasn’t been very effective in closing down this pay gap during recent times. On the contrary, women a re struggling to pay off student loans even more than men are.

So, here’s your final expectation vs reality scenario. Every now and then, we do need our eyes opened so that we may continue fighting the good fight and striving to make an even better world. Let’s never shy away from the truth again, instead let’s make it a truth that is better.

Robin Wright speaks out on wage equality

new job

The biggest pitfalls you’ll face at a new job

new job

Regardless of whether you’re starting your first job or you’ve been working for 10 years, there’s nothing like the feeling of starting a new job. It could be your most wonderful opportunity yet, or a mistake that could make things difficult. Either way, apprehensions will abound and you’ll be slightly fearful of those first few days, or even weeks, of your new life.

While it’s ok to be a little scared, it shouldn’t get in the way and cloud your judgment. Remember, as your new bosses are evaluating you, you need to be evaluating them too so that you know you’re in the right place. You should be getting back as much as you give and for that you need to value yourself. 

Your new job should be everything you want

And so much more!

But only if you’re at the right place. The last thing you want, at any point in life, is to be stuck doing something you don’t like, in a company that you don’t believe in. As we put our effort and our hours into these jobs, it is fulfilling to know that we’re getting something in return.

However, at times you get stuck in places you don’t want to be and it gets difficult to get out as you realise that too late. So instead, let the very first days of your new job be the sign that tell you whether you belong or not.

Not sure how to do that? Well, here are some pointers that will tell you when to take a closer look.

new job
  • Firstly, always go through the offer letter you get before joining a new job and do read between the lines. Everything from the job description to the benefits provided will be very important.
  • More importantly, the job description will never state exactly what you will be doing so always clear up that point. Take only as much responsibility as you can do.
  • Don’t be shy and do get to know your office colleagues, they’ll be your friends and guides for many days to come.
  • Remember not to put too much pressure on yourself just yet, this will end up hampering your performance more than you know.
  • Don’t take anything for granted and get every doubt cleared. A seed sown during the beginning of a new job may grow to become something else later.
  • Quickly find a to fit this job into your day so that you still have enough time during the day to do other things.
  • Finally, never compromise with such an important decision. If something isn’t working out, be honest with yourself and take the necessary steps.

I know what you're thinking

These seem to be basic points that very one should already know. But you’d be surprised at how many people are afraid to apply these to their new job environment. Or they simply decide to ‘wing it’ the entire way and see where that takes them. Now this isn’t something that will necessarily work all the time. Instead, knowing what you’re doing right from the beginning will give you all the confidence that you need to truly show what you’re capable in a job that you like.

From there on, things will only be looking up!


Cynicism, cynicism everywhere… but why?

Cynicism is the new black, right?

Isn't sarcasm the best way to make people laugh?

But what if people are getting hurt?


That’s something that seems to have fallen out of fashion. Staying connected with your feelings or empathising with others is seen as a mushy weakness that just isn’t cool.

Now, no one will say it out aloud like this but it’s what we’re thinking. It would be easy to blame popular culture where the protagonists of today have become dry witted cynics who believe in the worst of humanity and care little for the feelings of others. But no. That would be the easy way out.

Instead, I believe that human beings are rational and they can choose to see such forms of entertainment as just that. Or we can choose to take to take these things to heart and learn lessons where there is nothing to be taught. Do you think we’ve been swaying the right way, the path of utter cynicism?

So, what IF people.. or the ones you love are getting hurt?

This is why we just can’t ignore our true selves for what seems to be popular at the moment. Being a part of the rolling tide is the easiest thing to do, it also usually isn’t the right thing. Think about it, does perennial cynicism do anyone any good?

The harder thing, which is staying connected to your inner feelings – the essence of what makes us human and doing it in the most natural way is what makes us who we are. Yes, that mushy gooey centre that we tend to stay away from, the very thing that makes us feel so vulnerable, that makes us better. 

Now, for a second or two, think about the protagonists in popular culture that you really connect to. Not the ones you look up to or want to be like but the ones who resonate with you.

How are they?

Flawed. Emotional. Full of dreams and hopes. Loving. Sometimes full of guilt. Even pain. Unsure of life and where it will take them. Aspire to be something greater. Revel in making a difference.

In short, they are human. See the resemblance? It’s ok to feel all of these things at the same time because we’re meant to. It’s ok to show a little cynicism every now and then, we can’t help it. But don’t let the cynicism take over your emotions. You may end up giving up the very best parts of yourself.


I do reiterate that this post hasn’t been written to incite you against popular culture but instead to instigate a way of thinking that seems to be getting lost. That it’s ok to be emotional, feel vulnerable, act out on feelings of love and get hurt sometimes while doing that. Because along the way, we will continue to discover what it means to be human. Only if we never stop trying.


Controlling the situation: Myth or Reality?


In the last five years, think of a situation that mattered to you the most. It tipping one way or the other would somehow come to define who you are or where you are today. It shouldn’t be too difficult, life is full of choices after all and you did make a choice. But think about this – is that choice the beginning of your exerting your control over the situation or is it actually the end? Is controlling the outcome a possibility?

We’ve heard about people, even been in relationships with people who seem to be controlling. Trying to master every choice, every action, every effect and every consequence. Now, is that because they (or we) feel like it’s better if one person has all the control or is it because they feel that they have no control at all?

Confusing, huh?

Yes, controlling or attempting to master situations that are so complex can drive anyone up the wall! But, can it actually be done?

The answer is slightly middle of the road, partly yes and partly no. What absolutely CAN be done is your best effort. Taking stock of the situation and doing whatever that is in your power may seem like a small thing, something in fact that everyone is expected to do. But you’d be surprised at how many times we actually lay good groundwork for things that will eventually be beyond our control.


Let’s take another example (cause they do seem to work best!). Imagine you’re a parent raising a new born. Everything during the initial childhood years is in your hands, the child’s character, habits, understanding of wrong and right etc. If you do these things right, then you’ve laid good groundwork! Eventually the child grows up and develops a mind of his own but if you’ve moulded it right then he’ll/she’ll continue down the road you’ve started them on.

So, you see, absolute control is a myth that we need to stop chasing. But we also need to believe that things are in our hands. Walking this line can only begin once you find the line to begin with.

At times, you need to let go, let the world take its course and let the Earth go around its axis like it does. Things that were will still remain and the things that will be, will be. Once you stop twisting and turning against an immovable tide, then life will become a very enjoyable experience!

However, there are times when you need to take the wheel and steer the ship, no matter how difficult it may seem. It still is possible. But you do need to believe and not just throw up your hands at the first sign of trouble.

So, Myth or Reality?

It depends how you look at it. As is with most things, perspective changes the way you live. For better or for worse, that is a decision that we ourselves make. But, it is time to stop holding on to all the wrong things and letting go of all the important things. To control the outcome, you should always be aware of situations that actually deserve your attention.


Defining kindness in your own way

“Kindess” can be a big and daunting word. It can also be pretty vague and confusing. Is it something generic that is really difficult to define or something really so specific that only a few people have truly felt it? The thing is that these questions shouldn’t put you off from kindness. It holds a very significant meaning in all our lives and makes it a human experience.

So, instead of bottling up this wonderful term, let’s try to make it as large as possible! Why? Because it’s implications are infinite and the feeling can barely be put into words. It is something to be experienced, cherished, remembered and passed on.

Here’s a truth that you should know: YOU are the master of your life and you’ll take it where it wants to go. With this, let’s discover what your kindness could mean.

Which acts of kindness affect YOU?


Now, you’ve probably experienced kindness throughout your life. From people holding the door open for you, going the extra mile to get you the perfect gift, picking you up when you’re down or putting some colour back into your life. Which of these moments of kindness affected you or touched you the most? Do any of those stories really stand out in your mind?

This will give you a small inkling of what kindness could be for you; a helping hand, a quiet word or a rousing speech. Once you know, you’re ready to spread some yourself!

Which acts of kindness are really needed around you?

People are diverse and different and unique! Everyone you love and care for is going through different situations at any time. That just comes with being human! So, if you want to start somewhere and spread kindness, this is the perfect spot – for the ones you love and with exactly what they need.

Later on, you can extend that very thought to your neighbourhood or your community. It’s one of the very pillars of kind acts; knowing what a person needs and that you’re the only one who sees that.

Can you pass it on?

Like we said at the very beginning, never let compassion and kindness be boxed into cramped spaces with no room to breathe. Take them out into the world and make all the difference that they can and more! I know what you’re thinking… how can one person do all that? Leaving aside examples of the great Mother Teresa or Martin Luther King Jr. there is a way that ensures you don’t go at it alone. And that’s the principle of passing on each act of kindness. 

It’s the final cog in understanding this (seemingly) complex term. In the simplest terms, kindness is something you can repay by paying it forward and positively affecting someone around you. Then, you can ask them to do the same and so on. In this way, one person begins to make a monumental difference and the work you do is never wasted. Instead it becomes the beginning. Just imagine, if millions or even billions of these beginnings spring up around you.

Isn’t that a world you want to live in?

me first

Is it ok to be self centered? Really?

So, what if the answer is yes?

You can be self centered. Ofcourse, right off the bat, I’ll say that it needs to be in moderation or it’ll turn into blatant selfishness. Now, there’s a path you don’t want to be walking down. Perhaps, we’ll discuss that in another post! For now, let’s see how we can gain from looking after our own needs. It does pay to put ourselves first at times. It’s a difficult world we live in that’ll throw up many challenges from time to time.

So, what I mean by self centered is looking after yourself enough so that you’re able to come out of such situations.

It’s a thin line to walk, though

Looking after yourself as long as you’re not hurting anyone is what we’re aiming for. But it takes a second to go from that to narrow-mindedly taking care of just yourself at the cost of anyone. This is probably why no one talks about this and we tend to live in extremes. Either putting everyone before ourselves, whether that may be the boss that exploits or just ourselves alone.

But we are rational being after all and we have the ability to reason out situations to their best possible ends. However, like I’ve said before, it is anything but easy!

When can you be a little self centered?

self centered

It’s important to have to ability to differentiate when this is ok and when it’s not. Say you’ve just graduated and you’re looking for a job. You shouldn’t just take anything that comes to you because many companies will be looking to exploit the inexperienced individual. So, do look after your interests then, as no one else will be able to. The same comes at any point during your career.

The company you work for has interests yes, but they should go hand in hand with yours.

That is an easy example but things get harder as more and more people get involved. When you have a family and an extended family there can often be a conflict of interest. But remember, you have a responsibility towards those closest to you. So, it’s up to you to always keep yourselves first when it comes to fulfilling needs whether financial or emotional. These are difficult thoughts to comprehend at first, uncomfortable even but it’s necessary to take these steps.

Being self centered merely means that giving yourself and then the ones you love the best chance at the kind of life you’ve always wanted.

Understanding gradually grows

self centered

Eventually, you’ll be able to take situations and best mould them to your advantage. Moreover, you’ll do that without hurting anyone’s sentiments! It is YOUR responsibility to take care of yourself an rely on your own willpower, mind-power and determination. Always be compassionate towards your fellow human beings but be clever enough to not let yourself be left behind in the dust. If you can count on yourself then anyone else’s aid is a bonus!

More than anything else, this post is to make you realize to be self reliant and independent, you need a certain understanding by your side. Being truly happy in life at whatever you do is anyone’s goal right? It definitely should be! Then if being a little self centered gets you there without harming anyone then why not?