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90s kids

The reason 90s kids had more fun

90s kids

The world moves really fast and the one thing that’s noticeable is that it only speeds up as time goes on. Yes, a day still lasts 24 hours but what these hours mean has changed so much in the past two decades.

We now live in a world where a fad is born one second and gone the other, where fun is defined by the technology around us and entertainment is more accessible yet more saturated than ever before. Without a doubt, being spoilt for choice is as much a bane as it is a boon. But can you separate the two?

Well, now you can’t but 90s kids definitely could!


We have the ‘now’ which is inundated in technology, choices and extreme emotions and you have the long ago or the ’70s’ and ’80s’ when the world was unrecognisable and a colour TV was the most high-tech thing going around.

Between these two eras lie the 90s kids, a time when technology was present but hadn’t yet exploded, the world was opening its eyes to globalisation and the outdoors still held that unquantifiable wonder. It’s the kind of thing that movies are made of right now, calling back to when things were easier and more inclusive. 

You might read this and scoff at all the 90s kids you know, your older siblings, seniors in school, people in the storefront just beginning their first job but it’s undeniable that the world had a sense of charm back then that it just seems to have lost.

90s kids

More on why 90s kids had more fun

  • The fact the there were gameboys, desktop computers, chatrooms and cellphones meant that they experienced technology, not taking its baby steps, but growing into something more.
  • Yet, there was a passion for the outdoors, for sports and no fear of the sun or a little dirt. You felt entertained both at home in your room and outside where your friends waited for you in a skatepark, a field or a jam room.
  • There was nothing more daunting or more rewarding than taking to the girl/boy you liked in person or meeting classmates who loved the same stuff you did. Life would never be the same!
  • The golden age of brick and mortar stores, where you had to go in to rent movies, discover new albums, make a road trip out of going to the nearest arcade or watching a movie without the advent of the spoiler-filled internet.
  • 90s kids experienced a time that was a lot less cynical and a lot more optimistic. TV show leads were funny and clumsy rather than cold and cynical and charm meant to make people laugh rather than subtly insulting them.
  • It was a much less commercialised world, with bottom lines and sales not having taken over the world. Family time mattered so much more!
  • Finally, something that’s been spoken about a lot, the cartoons for kids were just so much better! From the Looney Toons, to Tom and Jerry, Dexter’s Laboratory and more, kids had a lot more fun!

Now, while some of these things are subjective, you can’t help but wonder how your life would’ve been if you were a 90s kid. Maybe, a wrong text message wouldn’t be the end of all life or slow internet the end of the universe.

Maybe it would be cool to be charming and clumsy and just maybe… we’d have a lot more fun.

simulation theory

The simulation theory and why it’s so important

If Elon Musk keeps talking about something, then you can guess that it is important.

Elon Musk on the simulation theory

When do we begin separating science fiction from our reality? As we hurtle towards an ever tech-based future, we come face to face with concepts that we’d only seen in movies. A.I or sentient artificial intelligence? With the Supercomputers at Harvard, NASA et all, it isn’t as distant a future as you may think. But we aren’t going to discuss whether robots will be taking over the world (maybe later!). Instead, another so-called science fiction concept that Elon Musk raised in an interview and Matt Damon mentioned during an MIT Graduation Speech.

Something that was made an immortal part of pop-culture at the turn of the twenty-first century by The Matrix.

The Simulation Theory or a concept that says we’re all actually a part of a simulated reality. That everything that happens to us is a part of a “game” and we’re merely players.

simulation theory

Could we really be living in a version on The Sims?

simulation theory

Many scientists, theorists, mathematicians and influential figures like Elon Musk have spoken aloud about this phenomenon and even published papers on why the simulation theory could be true. While nothing can be proven yet, these reasons do get you thinking. Just take a look!

  • As Musk states in the video above, we’re heading to a time when games may be indistinguishable from reality. So, what’s to say that someone already hasn’t beaten us to it?
  • Maths. It works in binary and gives us the ability to quantify everything around us including Humans. So, if we can figure out the code, then perhaps it can be written too?
  • The Anthropic Principle asks a simple question, why is there life on Earth? How are the conditions so perfect? Well, maybe they were made to be.
  • Another popular concept the Fermi Paradox can be befuddling if you think about about. How is it that we are the only living beings in the universe? Isn’t there anyone more advanced to carry out space travel? “Where is everyone?”
  • Finally, the most spine-tingling of all is the question of our Creator. Why do so many people believe there is one? Maybe it isn’t God but a post-now human, who is merely writing code, writing memories, habits and characteristics. Scary, isn’t it?

Simulation Theory can put you in knots, for sure!

All we have is the belief in our reality, the foundation on which we’re standing. It is unnerving to think that it would be taken away from us with the blink of an eye. Just seems impossible, doesn’t it?

But let’s not turn a blind eye to simulation theory. Atleast it is a why for us to learn something new, exercise our minds and just imagine possibilities!

Maybe the Matrix movies opened your mind to the science behind our reality and you’ve found something that you’re really passionate about! The simulation theory is an endless puzzle that could really use your energy.

You could be one of those who believe in questioning things and taking them to their logical conclusions. Science is a step by step process that leads to progress and this process definitely needs you!

You could be one of those who keep searching for a little bit of fantasy or magic in the world, something that really makes you go ‘woah!’ The simulation theory says you keep on with that work and you may just find what you’re looking for!

Finally, as Matt Damon said in his speech to MIT Graduates, maybe it doesn’t matter whether the world is real or not. It’s all we’ve got and it’s a world that is facing many, many problems. What we really need to do is buckle down and start making a difference. The least we can do is make our reality, a better place to live in.

Now that’s something to wake up to!

job hunting

How useful are job hunting websites?

Talent and skill will always need a bridge to opportunity.

If the employable skills that you possess are your talent and your dream job is the opportunity, then what is the bridge?

It probably isn’t an understatement when you say that your job may just decide which way you life is heading. So, there can’t be any compromises here, right? You need to find the best of the best and grab anything that comes to you!

We have so many platforms available for job hunting today that it could get really confusing. Which ones of these work, which are a wild goose chase and are they actually useful? After all, it’s a complicated and nerve wracking enough process without wasting time on something that doesn’t actually work.

So, can job hunting websites get you the results you want or should you just stay away? Also, what are some of the modern job hunting patterns that you should know?

Take a look!

Traditional job hunting platforms are losing their place

job hunting

When you think about it, the definition of tradition keeps changing, doesn’t it? What may have been traditional or commonplace ten years ago is merely a relic of the past today.

So, before it was the classifieds where you would find the most lucrative and urgent open positions. Why? Simply because so many people around the world read the newspaper. Then, as the world moved online an desktop computers and laptops became the norm, we got job hunting websites. These listed everything from various positions, to qualifications and at times you could also be interviewed online.

So, how has it changed now? 

It is simply the question of where you are spending the most time. Yes, we’re still doing that online but where? Social Media of course! And that is what has changed. We’ve built a large chunk of our public presence online and that it the place where recruiters are now looking.

Statistics by Capterra, a recruiting firm:

  • 94% recruiters prefer to use social media for recruiting.
  • 73% of 18-34 year olds found their last job through social media.
  • However, employers are still catching up, with only 39% using social media for hiring. This is on the rise though.
  • Over 5.7 billion job-oriented searches were performed on LinkedIn in 2012.

The percentage of job seekers and recruiters varies even across social media. Just take a look!

job hunting

What do these numbers mean?

It basically means that now you can spend lesser time filling out page after page on countless job hunting websites without even knowing if it would work. Another scepticism of old job hunting websites is that they required a great deal of your personal information, which was then sold off to the highest bidding company (should’ve checked those privacy policies!)

Result = Millions of spam emails and phone calls. 

Sometimes you’d even have to pay a fee but no one would ever get back to you with any opportunities.

However, that doesn’t mean you need to stop going online and rely on rumours and classifieds. The online field is still right for finding out detailed information on the kind of job that you want but only if you look at the right place.

This is where social media comes in.

  • It has already been a part of your life, you have a detailed online presence and it’s much more interesting than a job hunting website.
  • Employers are noticing that the number of active members on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. is growing exponentially.
  • Recruiters are using specific social media platforms, depending on their needs: a fashion brand may employ through Instagram while a marketing position is best advertised on LinkedIn.
  • Freelancers and designers have portals like Behance to display a set if specific skills.
  • You have the ability to create and be part of groups that will further your search and maybe even your career.
  • The best part of all, these websites are bringing the employers and recruiters to you. You just need to stand out!
job hunting

Just as the world gets more competitive, job hunting gets harder. But if you're on the right platform today, then the right opportunity won't be far away.

problems everywhere

The reason why life is difficult (you’ll never guess!)

life is difficult

Don’t worry, we’ll get to the reason soon enough! But first, let’s see if you can identify with this situation. How often have you wondered, “Why can’t my life be as easy as that person or this person? Why is everything so hard and I have to fight for every morsel? Maybe life is difficult because it’s meant to be.”

How about these; “I can’t a good house straight away, I’ll have to compromise in the beginning.” “I can’t get the position I want at work because I haven’t worked my way up the ladder.” “I can’t get the life partner I want, they’re out of my league.”

Do you have these thoughts often? Well, no wonder life is difficult!

Well, if you don’t see it yet, then it’s YOU who’s made life difficult for yourself. How? Simply by believing so! And by believing there’s no other way, you’ve manifested what you think is your truth. This is the biggest reason that each of us face so many hardships in life, because we’ve grown up on notions that after the difficult part comes the good part.

There’s a belief that we HAVE to slog through difficulties in the initial years to get to the good parts. Do you really have to? Ofcourse not! If you can find a way to make things work out for you in a quicker, easier way, then there’s nothing like it!

Easier said than done though!

No, not because it is compulsory to face the ‘life is difficult’ bit but because you think that it is compulsory. That’s something that has usually stayed with us through our formative years. We hear stories of our grandparents going through it, our parents have too gone through it, so we’ll probably follow in their footsteps.

Look at this a little deeper and you’ll find that there’s another reason with following others into the daily grind. It’s a relief when you know that THIS is the way life is supposed to be, you need to go through the motions. And so, no one dares to step away from this rat race and run in the other direction! Why would you anyway? That’ll just be adding pressure of actually giving direction to your own life and making your own path. Scary thought, isn’t it?

life is difficult

Now you know the reason. What next?

Firstly, STOP! Pause for a second here and think about which side of the fence you’re on. Are you ok to accept that regardless of everything you’ve read, life is difficult for a reason? It’ll build character, help you separate the good moments from the bad and so on and so forth. Well then, atleast you’re accepting this consciously. That’s still some growth that you’ve shown so do pat yourselves on the back!

However, if you don’t want your lifespan to be a slog through muddy waters, then the work starts now. Change your mindset and the change in you will begin. Yes, the manifestations of your thoughts will be gradual and you may feel disheartened at times. But hang in there, you’ve made a brave choice.

You chosen to enjoy your life and celebrate each day. And you won’t have to wait too long now!


To multitask or not to multitask, that is the question

The era of skill specialization is upon us

The age of multiple skills has dawned

Now, you probably believe and agree with only one of the above two statements. We see ourselves as fitting in to one of these two moulds; either the best at the one thing we do, or possessing the ability to multitask and handle multiple varied projects. If you look at it from a commercial or work point of view, then different companies usually desire different skills so you end up having to become what they want you to be.

However, with this post, let’s try to understand what YOU want to be.

So, let’s start with those you come under ‘To Multitask’. First of all, it’s not a term to be taken lightly at all. When you take on more than one project in hand, you’re making a promise that the quality of work will not suffer as a result. Why would you do this though? Well, maybe because just handling one assignment doesn’t hold your attention that well. Perhaps you need more of a challenge.

That’s definitely alright, if you feel you can take it, then why not?


There’re some things we need to remember however. With one thing at hand, there are no worries about dividing your time and ensuring no part of your work is suffering. You have one race to run and you’ve got to do it with all your vigour. But to multitask, you’ve got to make friends with time or more accurately, a constant lack of it. As you progress, try to discover ways of making best use of the hours you have. Get up a little earlier, dilly dally a little lesser and be a bit more efficient with your work.

So, why would one multitask anyway? Aren’t you choosing to make your life that much more difficult and risking to take on more than you can chew? But what if you can be that human Swiss army knife? Imagine, people coming to you for advice on a number of subjects, only because you’ve had prior experience in all of them.

But probably the biggest reason of all, when you’re out there doing as many projects as you can and taking in as much of the world as you can, you may just discover that one thing that makes you more happy than anything else!

Like mentioned before, it obviously isn’t going to be easy.

You’ll need to make to do lists, a time table, sacrifice some free time and maybe even discover your limits the hard way. But the pay off is pretty impressive. Those who multitask not only earn more in terms of finance but also in terms of work and life experience. So, I’d say there’s a pretty solid case ‘To Multitask’.

‘Not Multitask’ also has its advantages, it must be said. Especially if specializing in one aspect gives you great joy. Handling more than one assignment does demand that you prize away your absolute attention from any given one thing. If that isn’t acceptable to you, then fair enough, it isn’t for you. If you like concentrating on one thing and boredom doesn’t even cross your mind, then specialization is the way to go!


The main fact of the matter is understanding that there is a choice. Rather than specialization or multitasking, this is the era of realizing that very idea. You can choose to be whatever you want. This is why YOU must answer, ‘To Multitask or Not To Multitask.’

Good luck!

watch out

Top 5 everyday things you should watch out for

When you look at a mosaic, do you see the big picture? Do you see the beauty in completion? Now what if one piece was taken away? Then another and then another? That big picture starts to seem pretty incomplete then. No matter how hard you try to look at the big picture then, it will never feel complete. No matter how small the missing piece is, it will still leave a gaping hole.

Just like this, when you’ve got your eye out on the big picture of life, you need to watch out for little things that matter.

watch out

You’ve probably got long term goals in mind, say being at the management level of a company, opening your own company, doing a PG in a foreign country, reaching certain fitness levels and so on and so forth. Now these goals are ever so delicately dependent on many factors going your way.

Some of these you’ll know; the finance, the knowledge, the risks, the contingencies. However, some may escape your grasp.

Now that’s what you need to watch out for. That creaking floorboard that’s always been a part of the staircase actually can give way anytime. And a house of cards is sure to tumble down.

But a little bit of intuitive vigilance will go a long way.

So here are the top 5 everyday things you should watch out for:

Health: The most important intangible of all! Lots of doors close if your health fails you. No more migrating to another country or having your own business. Remember, you’ll always have a number of people dependent on you. So they will be constantly worried if you don’t take care of yourself. It is so much more easier to take the smaller steps towards health and make a big difference.

So get a regular check up and stay healthy!

watch out
watch out

Mindset: It’s amazing to be able to manage the things you do and you get the job DONE by the end. But how are you actually feeling? Be absolutely honest with yourself and never mince words. If you feel at the end of your rope, admit it and try to find a better mind-space. Be prepared to learn your limits.

Remember; push only as much as you can take

Family situation: It’s time to stop seeing them as a collective (and taking them for granted) and seeing them as individuals with dreams. Give every member their due even by just having a meaningful conversation with them. You’ll be pleasantly surprised every time, I promise.

Appreciate the greatest gift you have.

watch out
watch out

Daily goals: Having them will enrich your life greatly! They don’t have to be complicated.

How about walking a particular distance everyday or listening to a particular album everyday? These little nuggets of purpose will keep your day interesting and filled with positive energy!

Happiness: At the end of the day, are you happy? Can you go to bed thinking that you did your what you wanted? If you can smile truly from your heart as you look at yourself in the mirror, that’s when you are alive in the purest sense of the word.

Make no mistake, that is THE most important little thing. 

watch out

So, you now have the little secrets that will keep your larger goals alive! As long as you watch out for both, you’ll live a life that will lead you to exactly where you want to be.

Isn’t that a life worth living?

thanksgiving day

The changing meanings of Thanksgiving Day

For an occasion that started out as a day meant for fasting, Thanksgiving Day sure has come a long way! Indeed, a Native American tribe declared this day to be a fast in order to give thanks for the plenty they had by abstaining from food for one day. Another tribe however, joined in with their own traditional celebrations which included dancing, singing and yes, feasting! As such, a more sober and quiet celebration turned into an enjoyable evening of merry making with the family. As most of the tribesman enjoyed this kind of celebration more, it was adopted as an annual festival.

Humble beginnings for a festival that is now a national phenomenon.  

thanksgiving day

Coming closer to modern times, there are so many more mysteries attached to Thanksgiving Day. There’s the question of which President truly initiated this festival as a federal holiday, was it Abraham Lincoln, Harry Truman or way back to George Washington?

There’s also the infamous attempt by President Franklin Roosevelt to change when it would be celebrated in order to boost sales during the Great Depression. That definitely didn’t go down well with the public, so instead most simply ignored the President’s order! How about the ever comical President’s Pardoning of the Thanksgiving Turkey? That always does seem to draw out laughs, some even from the turkey itself! Now, that’s the way to world peace.

On a more serious note, the businesses too have taken advantage of the holiday by promoting widespread sales and offers. And so, we have Black Friday, famous for long lines, tiring waits, frantic searching for presents and yes, amazing deals.

There’s also Cyber Monday, a day of online sales! Almost a godsend to shoppers who almost fear for their lives during the Black Friday sales, online purchases have been picking up. The commercialization of Thanksgiving Day has taken some time but now is a blooming industry with so many people marking their calendars for the event.

thanksgiving day

So with countless meanings, numerous traditions and many advocators, no wonder that Thanksgiving Day is so immensely popular. However, it’s important that the real message doesn’t get lost in this scramble to commercialise everything. After all, what really pops into your head when you think about this day? Sure, at part it’ll be the shopping, the cooking, the presents that are to come, but what is it really?

Isn’t it that moment when you’re seated around the dining table with your family and your extended family, every cousin you can find and even your pet dog? Holding hands (ands paws) and saying a thanksgiving prayer for all the joys you’ve received. Cheering and conversing around the dining table and finally catching up with everyone.

thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving Day is the best excuse in the entire year to have the loudest, craziest and most memorable weekend! Even though it comes around just once a year, it’s a constant reminder about the most important things in one’s life. Don’t you agree?

So relive stories of your childhood, hear the secrets grandma and grandpa have to share and watch as busy mom and dad are found about the house the entire day!

“Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot.”

second language

Why you should learn a second language

At elementary level and school level, we are usually taught the beginnings and basics of a second language. It is informed to us that it’s seen as an important skill and knowing a second language will give us an advantage above the rest in the world.

After that, whether one listens in class or not is another tale. It’s fair to say however, that in our innocence and youth, we may not have realized the importance of these wise words. With a world and time as competitive as ours, anything that can give us an edge is a true godsend. Adding a second language to our repertoire, will not only help us grow as individuals but also add value and skill to us. In the past, being good or even average at your job was acceptable.

second language
second language

Back to today’s world, it is the era of specialization and supplementing your skills. For most of us, this lesson has been taught the hard way. Honestly, how many job vacancies have you seen where a second language would’ve come in handy? Been upstaged by someone at work who knew a second language? Felt restricted in your love life because of the same reason? Been unable to visit foreign countries due to either work or leisure because of this restriction.

There’s an incredible amount of diversity in the world and it’s paramount to embrace the same! Step by step, language by language, who’ll be able to climb higher and remove restrictions that get in your way.

Don’t let anything stand in the way of your potential and abilities, especially not the language barrier!


Because in today’s world, learning a second language is a breeze!

You have hundreds of certified courses available online that will take you through the basics, right up to the advanced stages, at a pace comfortable to you. Furthermore, most of these courses are actually recognized by governments and corporations and give you the edge over your competitors. There are night shift classes for those too busy to attend in the mornings.

Even home tuitions are available, organized to your convenience. There are a variety of classes available of countless languages, all of which will be a good addition to your skillset.

Some of the most important second languages around the world are: English, Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, Japanese and Russian.

 Any of these will add to your skillset immensely!

second language
second language

If you feel like learning online isn’t for you, then looking for actual classes won’t be too difficult either!

You also get the added benefit of interacting with more people, making new friends and having a hands-on teacher to ensure that you’re going along the right path! So, it’ll be good for your social life and your personal life!

What’re some of the benefits of knowing a second language?

  • Increased job opportunities
  • Ease when travelling to other countries
  • Better ability to interact and increased social skills
  • Self-confidence!

Once you begin this journey, you’re on the path to self-improvement! It’s truly a fulfilling road to be on and your achievements mean a great deal. So, what are you waiting for?

Start learning and stay inspired!

limitless possibilities

Limitless possibilities: What Else is Possible

“What else is possible?”

This is a phrase that I believe needs more recognition. Why? Well, the secrets of happiness are hidden in the smaller things. We tend to overlook them without even knowing what we’ve done. For example, if we keep asking for specific things from the universe, then in a way we are limiting our self to other possibilities. Sure, if you strive hard enough and stay in touch with your goals, then you’ll get what you want. But what if the universe had something bigger in mind for you?

Then, would you be happy with what you got?

The key is to realize that the universe holds limitless possibilities and infinite choices. When the time is right and your conviction is strong, you’ll be presented with the correct opportunities.

All you must do is ask (and believe that you indeed deserve it as well!).

This seemingly complicated phrase is actually the embodiment of this idea. The belief that this one good thing that has happened is only the beginning, more is to come for sure! It is signal sent to the beacon in the universe, saying that you’re prepared and open to receive.

By thinking like this, you are broadening your horizons to everything the world has to offer.

limitless possibilities

Sure, this doesn’t mean that you’ll get everything handed out to you on a silver platter. That kind of break comes around only so rarely usually when we are in true desperate need of it. However, what this phrase does is it clears your way and your mind of any obstacles that may be posed in accomplishing what you seek. It’ll show you the right path and give you the courage you need to follow it.

Say, if you want to buy a house through a home loan but you’re worried that it may not pass. These conflicting thoughts tend to confuse the universe, and your fears may actually come to pass.

So to avoid this and increasing your own self-belief, you say “What else is possible?” The universe interprets this as you asking for a more positive outcome of things and your willingness to work towards that.

So, if you proceed for tasks like these, with that phrase in your mind, then the problems will abate and things will well and truly start working out.

limitless possibilities

To believe in the limitless possibilities of every action you make is the first step towards realizing the potential that lies within. THIS is the ability to make anything happen as long as you take care of two things:

  • Keep faith in on the universe and yourself.
  • Remember to work hard towards your goal as well.

“What else is Possible?”

Say it with a smile and you won’t just see but more importantly, feel the difference. There truly is magic in the world; that gets you your dream home, helps you find the one you love, brings a smile upon the face of your parents, sees your hard work to the end it deserves. These are real and rewarding feelings, that always fill the heart with joy.

It may work a little differently than the movies, you won’t be waving a wand here. But the magic of limitless possibilities is amazing nonetheless!

Just believe, the next rainbow in the sky is yours!

limitless possibilities
monetary decisions

Making wise monetary decisions: Beginner Tips

monetary decisionsEvery individual works hard so that he/she can bring in the finance to support themselves and their family. And so, it is crucial that this finance is used and/or stored correctly. Money has the habit of disappearing all too quickly if we don’t keep an eye on our expenses. This doesn’t mean that you need to worry or be too bothered whenever you spend but just being a bit more diligent.

 Now, most people gain experiences as they go along in life which teach them to what those wise monetary decisions are.


However, for a person who’s just starting out on their independent journey of earning their livelihood, this process can get pretty bumpy. Some learning curves are sharper than others while some can actually be avoided.

So to aid those beginners, we’ll talk about some things that can be kept in mind while making monetary decisions.

monetary decisions


First off, congratulations on gaining your independence! It truly is a unique feeling that should be cherished. Being able to support yourself is a rewarding experience. But it brings with itself, a certain amount of giddiness. All of a sudden, you have your OWN money to spend and nothing seems out of bounds!


So this is the first trap…

Remember, because it is your money, it should be guarded against all impulsive decisions. Rather, your monetary decisions must be made on a long term basis, your future is in your hands after all. Saving will be difficult initially but think about the fact that you don’t need to ask your parents for a daily allowance or anything like that anymore!

Next comes the planning…

monetary decisionsYou’ve started saving and giving yourself a purpose will aid in that endeavour manifold! So take something you always wanted to buy and make it a goal. It could be a car, a house, a home theatre set, a guitar…. anything!

Let it drive you everyday, you’ll not only work harder but it will seem worth it at the end of the day.


Now, I’m going to ask you to make friends with someone. Or to be more accurate, something. The daily finance ledger (cue the scary music and thunderstorms!). Yes yes I know, putting your purchases and expenses on paper makes them scarier and more real. Which is why you must include them as an aid to your monetary decisions.

Can you think of a better way of cutting down on frivolous spending, short of chopping up your credit card?

See, you don’t have to make it a complicated book. Just allot yourself a monthly budget and divide your expenses accordingly (say into, necessities, entertainment and miscellaneous). You’ll be thankful you did so later! Just review your ledger at the end of the month and you’ll know if you’re hitting all your financial goals.

You should also choose a competent bank. Take a look at the various interest rates and services a bank offers. Do your research and talk to your friends/colleagues and see what they think about their bank. A good bank will give you added peace of mind and a sense of security.

Finally, allow yourself some room for error when it comes to monetary decisions. This is just the beginning of your independent journey and you’ll make some mistakes. The task then is to get up, review your ledger (seriously, it’ll help!) and go on.

Here’s wishing you all the success!