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How useful are job hunting websites?

Talent and skill will always need a bridge to opportunity.

If the employable skills that you possess are your talent and your dream job is the opportunity, then what is the bridge?

It probably isn’t an understatement when you say that your job may just decide which way you life is heading. So, there can’t be any compromises here, right? You need to find the best of the best and grab anything that comes to you!

We have so many platforms available for job hunting today that it could get really confusing. Which ones of these work, which are a wild goose chase and are they actually useful? After all, it’s a complicated and nerve wracking enough process without wasting time on something that doesn’t actually work.

So, can job hunting websites get you the results you want or should you just stay away? Also, what are some of the modern job hunting patterns that you should know?

Take a look!

Traditional job hunting platforms are losing their place

job hunting

When you think about it, the definition of tradition keeps changing, doesn’t it? What may have been traditional or commonplace ten years ago is merely a relic of the past today.

So, before it was the classifieds where you would find the most lucrative and urgent open positions. Why? Simply because so many people around the world read the newspaper. Then, as the world moved online an desktop computers and laptops became the norm, we got job hunting websites. These listed everything from various positions, to qualifications and at times you could also be interviewed online.

So, how has it changed now? 

It is simply the question of where you are spending the most time. Yes, we’re still doing that online but where? Social Media of course! And that is what has changed. We’ve built a large chunk of our public presence online and that it the place where recruiters are now looking.

Statistics by Capterra, a recruiting firm:

  • 94% recruiters prefer to use social media for recruiting.
  • 73% of 18-34 year olds found their last job through social media.
  • However, employers are still catching up, with only 39% using social media for hiring. This is on the rise though.
  • Over 5.7 billion job-oriented searches were performed on LinkedIn in 2012.

The percentage of job seekers and recruiters varies even across social media. Just take a look!

job hunting

What do these numbers mean?

It basically means that now you can spend lesser time filling out page after page on countless job hunting websites without even knowing if it would work. Another scepticism of old job hunting websites is that they required a great deal of your personal information, which was then sold off to the highest bidding company (should’ve checked those privacy policies!)

Result = Millions of spam emails and phone calls. 

Sometimes you’d even have to pay a fee but no one would ever get back to you with any opportunities.

However, that doesn’t mean you need to stop going online and rely on rumours and classifieds. The online field is still right for finding out detailed information on the kind of job that you want but only if you look at the right place.

This is where social media comes in.

  • It has already been a part of your life, you have a detailed online presence and it’s much more interesting than a job hunting website.
  • Employers are noticing that the number of active members on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. is growing exponentially.
  • Recruiters are using specific social media platforms, depending on their needs: a fashion brand may employ through Instagram while a marketing position is best advertised on LinkedIn.
  • Freelancers and designers have portals like Behance to display a set if specific skills.
  • You have the ability to create and be part of groups that will further your search and maybe even your career.
  • The best part of all, these websites are bringing the employers and recruiters to you. You just need to stand out!
job hunting

Just as the world gets more competitive, job hunting gets harder. But if you're on the right platform today, then the right opportunity won't be far away.

team discussion

Becoming a part of a new team

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." -Henry Ford

Change scares everyone. 

It involves going out of your comfort zone and starting from scratch. That’s not to say everything you’ve done and learnt in the past comes to nought. It just means that you’re once again standing at the threshold of a new beginning. It’ll scare everyone at first because you don’t know what the future holds. Will the change favour your current situation or will you once again need to start from square one? Finally, you’ll wonder if all the hard work and progress you made in the past will prove useful as you go through this change.

This is exactly how one would feel when joining a new team. That could be a new group at school or uni for a project or a new workplace with a new team of colleagues. Suddenly that first day becomes incredibly daunting and phrases and words (and sometimes really bad jokes!) chase each other in your head.

To some people, introducing themselves to a whole new group of individuals comes so easily! They don’t seem to be nervous at all. However, for others there could be no more daunting a task. I personally know people who’s biggest fear is talking to new people.

So, is it or will it be as bad or as nerve-wracking as you’re imagining it to be? Well, past experiences definitely say otherwise. The feeling of you heart pumping nervously and brain whizzing frantically is actually common to every member of your new team. This is one fact that you fail to realize. Everyone will feel nervous and this one thing is common among everyone.

They too have to make adjustments and prepare to meet new people.

new team

"Stress is caused by being ‘here’ but wanting to be ‘there.’ " Eckhart Tolle

college reunion

As that quote mentions, you’re worried because you feel you’re not where you want to be. And that’s normal! But it’s how you move past this feeling that will come to define your time ahead. Soon, that ‘not wanting to be here’ should turn into a maybe and then a resounding definitely as you bond with your new team/classmates/teammates. Just someone needs to be the one who initiates the process of breaking the ice.

Can you be that person who puts the new team at ease? Introduce yourself, be yourself, crack some of those bad jokes and help the rest of the new team to acclimate. Know that this is an inevitable process. You can’t stay stagnant in one place alone. You have to explore and expand your horizons which will almost always entail meeting a new team. But don’t ever let this stop you from achieving your potential.

Every new phase of life brings its own challenges. Some will indeed be harder to face than others. With some, you can go easy on yourself and say that “I feel this is beyond me right now.” That’s alright because you can’t win in every situation. But when the clash is unavoidable, you’ll have to grit your teeth and do your absolute best.

It’s the same when you’re opening that door, ready to meet members of your new team. Take a deep, calming breath and show them the best you can offer.

Then, things are sure to work out fine!

changing social media

Changing social media, changing lives

changing social media

We’ve come a long way from when facebook first started and was in its nascent stages to what its capable of doing today. The dream that Mark Zuckerberg realized has brought countless individuals closer together, so much so, that it has changed the way we live. Changing social media from back then to now has resulted in small but significant shifts in our everyday lives.

Nowadays, we don’t even think of these as changes but rather as a normal part of our lives. Over time, social media technology has undoubtedly percolated from our superficial habits to now affecting the most integral part of daily life. Marking an enormous change starting from the inception of the internet at the turn of the century, changing lifestyles have given breath to ever changing social media.

changing social media

Now, that’s definitely something you should be aware of. People all over the world utilize social media like facebook, twitter, instagram, pintrest, tumblr and the like very differently. But mediums have become so integrated in our life that we hardly notice them anymore.

So, how has changing social media changed our lives?

Remember when making friends seemed impossible? Facebook often acts like an ice-breaker where it’s less daunting to talk to new people. Twitter lets you take your voice to the world and if you’ve got something important to say, you can bet people will listen. Also, with so many knowledgeable influencers on Twitter, you can actually get you daily dose of worldly news as well!

Important moments should be captured for all to see, that’s exactly what instagram does. Don’t you want to share your first trip abroad with the world? On tumblr you can interact with people all around the world and write stories about existing and new characters. It’s a platform to let creativity run wild!

Sometimes, thinking the opposite way from how things are usually done

is the best thing that can happen. 

The changing social media landscape has also brought out other interesting opportunities.

So many brands use facebook and twitter to get in touch with customers. Far from being an additional thing, it’s now a centerpiece of strategies. Felt that you could never get the chance to talk to your favourite celebrity? Twitter is where they’ll not just notice but also respond (got anything to say to your government?)

changing social media

Many who feel that they don’t belong in the corporate world have taken to these media and started initiatives of their own. All you need is a good idea, clever language and a passion to stay current. Everyone will take notice once your followers increase. 

Soon, how you work will be in your hands and your ideas can be executed immediately! Changing social media has given the individual the power to change their destiny through their capabilities. It is technology that everyone has access to and everyone can benefit from. There truly is no greater leveller of the playing field.

So, as technology around us changes, we should learn to adapt and use it to the best of our abilities. Changing social media and its effects may seem frivolous if looked at from myopic eyes but in the long term, it moves us closer to the way we always imagined living.

monetary decisions

Making wise monetary decisions: Beginner Tips

monetary decisionsEvery individual works hard so that he/she can bring in the finance to support themselves and their family. And so, it is crucial that this finance is used and/or stored correctly. Money has the habit of disappearing all too quickly if we don’t keep an eye on our expenses. This doesn’t mean that you need to worry or be too bothered whenever you spend but just being a bit more diligent.

 Now, most people gain experiences as they go along in life which teach them to what those wise monetary decisions are.


However, for a person who’s just starting out on their independent journey of earning their livelihood, this process can get pretty bumpy. Some learning curves are sharper than others while some can actually be avoided.

So to aid those beginners, we’ll talk about some things that can be kept in mind while making monetary decisions.

monetary decisions


First off, congratulations on gaining your independence! It truly is a unique feeling that should be cherished. Being able to support yourself is a rewarding experience. But it brings with itself, a certain amount of giddiness. All of a sudden, you have your OWN money to spend and nothing seems out of bounds!


So this is the first trap…

Remember, because it is your money, it should be guarded against all impulsive decisions. Rather, your monetary decisions must be made on a long term basis, your future is in your hands after all. Saving will be difficult initially but think about the fact that you don’t need to ask your parents for a daily allowance or anything like that anymore!

Next comes the planning…

monetary decisionsYou’ve started saving and giving yourself a purpose will aid in that endeavour manifold! So take something you always wanted to buy and make it a goal. It could be a car, a house, a home theatre set, a guitar…. anything!

Let it drive you everyday, you’ll not only work harder but it will seem worth it at the end of the day.


Now, I’m going to ask you to make friends with someone. Or to be more accurate, something. The daily finance ledger (cue the scary music and thunderstorms!). Yes yes I know, putting your purchases and expenses on paper makes them scarier and more real. Which is why you must include them as an aid to your monetary decisions.

Can you think of a better way of cutting down on frivolous spending, short of chopping up your credit card?

See, you don’t have to make it a complicated book. Just allot yourself a monthly budget and divide your expenses accordingly (say into, necessities, entertainment and miscellaneous). You’ll be thankful you did so later! Just review your ledger at the end of the month and you’ll know if you’re hitting all your financial goals.

You should also choose a competent bank. Take a look at the various interest rates and services a bank offers. Do your research and talk to your friends/colleagues and see what they think about their bank. A good bank will give you added peace of mind and a sense of security.

Finally, allow yourself some room for error when it comes to monetary decisions. This is just the beginning of your independent journey and you’ll make some mistakes. The task then is to get up, review your ledger (seriously, it’ll help!) and go on.

Here’s wishing you all the success!

Start-Up Concept

Why start ups today are a path to success

You’ve probably heard the term Start-Up Boom more and more often these days. That’s because we’re currently living in an era where dreamers are now becoming entrepreneurs. Ideas have a higher value than ever and they are being executed at an incredibly fast pace. Now, even as most of these have become corporate giants in their own right, let’s not forget one simple fact…

Most of these companies started out with a stand out idea and an individual of a group of individuals who stood by their convictions. Like Steve Jobs who, in days gone by, inspired a nation to look at technology differently, these individuals looked to change the outlook of the business world itself. Sure, they had a good idea but what set them apart was their determination to turn good to great.

Despite the countless difficulties that start ups still face, the biggest of which probably is funding, it’s nigh impossible to discourage the persistent mind that believes it can change the world. A good idea is the premium commodity that we are set to be dealing with, if you have one, it’s time to revalue your worth!

So, with companies like Amazon, Pandora, Zomato, Uber and many more, we’re definitely in the age of start ups. They’ve gone on to inspire others to invest in their own start ups and look at them as an actually viable opportunity rather than just having a daytime job. This branching out of talent is positively affecting everyone! From creating more jobs to increasing the importance of hitherto niche talents, start ups are making the world a better place.

start upsCourtesy:

So now we come down to everyday individuals like you and me. What have we to gain in this booming age? That’s simple. What each of us has to gain is value for our ideas by establishing our own start ups. Yes, the same ideas that we push away and do nothing about because they seem to far fetched. Well now we have multitudes of examples where some of the craziest ideas have reaped rich reward.

There is a secret however (there always is!). You have to solve a problem to garner an audience. Now this could be something you yourself face everyday. For example, not knowing the going rate for certain carpentry, plumbing or electrician work in your region. As such, you may actually end up paying a lot. But if you developed an app to inform people of the same then you’d be solving a problem that everyone faces.

This is when you know you’ve struck gold

Take a look at any of the founders or CEOs of budding start ups and you’ll see that they’re pretty much normal human beings with one exception: an undying determination to fuel their dreams and solve a problem. This not only makes living a better experience but positively affects you as well!

start upsCourtesy:

That’s the first thing we must learn from them; determination to first recognise and then solve a problem. Also, knowing the value of your idea will take you a long way. However, you’ll also need an eye towards practicality. Zomato started out in small sectors and cities of India before expanding throughout the globe and even acquiring a large company like UrbanSpoon. This required a practical, working plan.

You’ll need expertise in the marketing or management fields, though this isn’t a really strong pre-requisite. People with incredibly diverse backgrounds are now joining the competition. However, you do need a sense of business acumen and intuition. Why? Because you will make mistakes, that’s almost a given. But coming out of them is what will separate you from the crowd.

You also need the right people because you can’t go at it alone. Steve Wozniak was truly crucial to the success of Apple as much as Steve Jobs. Surround yourself with people who will push you to better yourself and take your start up to the next level. Yes, you’ll need to leave the ego behind. It may be your idea, but it’s worth nothing if you can’t take it ahead.

start ups

So, now think about it. Have a brilliant idea that could potentially change the way we live? That’s amazing! Use your words and paint this picture to the world. Capture the imagination of people around you, so that they too believe in your vision. Once you have others invested in your entrepreneurial effort, half the battle is won!


There are amazing things happening in the world everyday and more and more people have shown an aptitude for the extraordinary. And this opportunity is there for everyone, all you have to do is work towards your goal.

Start ups are springing up as we speak, and you should definitely take part in this boom. You never know, success might just find it’s way to you.

Good luck!